Are Chinese roses and roses the same species?

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Chinese roses and roses often cause confusion. They are not the same species.
Although they both belong to the Rosaceae family, there are obvious differences in many aspects. In terms of appearance, the flowers of Chinese roses are larger, with rich and diverse colors, and the petals are arranged more neatly; while the flowers of roses are relatively smaller, mainly in pink and purplish red, and the petals are tighter and wrinkled. In terms of leaves, the leaves of Chinese roses are smoother, and the serrations at the edges are less obvious; the leaves of roses have obvious wrinkles and fine serrations. In terms of uses, Chinese roses are mainly used for ornamental purposes and horticultural cultivation; in addition to being ornamental, roses are often used in the production of spices, food and cosmetics. In general, although Chinese roses and roses are similar, they are not the same type of plants, each with its unique characteristics and value.
Today, let's talk about how to distinguish the beautiful and charming but often confusing Chinese roses and roses! First of all, let's look at the flower shapes! The flowers of Chinese roses are usually larger, and the petals spread out very freely and are arranged more regularly. And for roses, the flowers are relatively smaller, and the petals are closely hugged together, in a cup-shaped or bowl-shaped form! Let's take a look at the flower colors! Chinese roses are a carnival of colors, including red, pink, yellow, white, orange, and purple, colorful and dazzling! As for roses, the common ones are the charming purplish red, the elegant pink and the pure white, with soft and charming colors. The leaves of Chinese roses have a smooth surface, the serrations at the edges are relatively large, and the leaves are flat and smooth. The leaves of roses are different. The surface is wrinkled, the back of the leaves has fine fluff, and the serrations at the edges are dense and fine. The stem thorns are also a key point! The thorns on the stems of Chinese roses are relatively large, the distance between the thorns is wider, and the number is relatively small, not so dense. As for the stem thorns of roses, they are small, sharp and particularly dense. And the fragrance! The fragrance of Chinese roses is relatively light, and some varieties even have almost no obvious fragrance. But roses are different. That rich aroma is simply intoxicating, which is why roses are often used in the production of spices! Finally, let's talk about the flowering period! The flowering period of Chinese roses is long, and you can see their beautiful blooming figures in multiple seasons. Roses are more "reserved", and they usually bloom only in summer.

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