How big is the largest edible mushroom in the world? One plant weighs 2.5 kilograms.

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This is the largest edible fungus in the world. Its cap diameter can exceed 1 meter, the stem is more than half a meter long, and it can weigh up to 2.5 kilograms. One pick is enough for a day!

It is called Termitomyces titanicus. In some places, it is translated as Thai white ant fungus. "Titanicus" naturally describes its size, while "Termitomyces" refers to the Genus of ant nest umbrellas. The common feature of this genus is that it symbiotically lives with termites and only grows above the termite nest.

This type of fungus relies on the organic matter brought about by termites eating trees to grow, and in return, the fungus is also food for termites. When the fungus rots, termites will come to collect and store it in the nest for consumption.

There are more than 20 kinds of edible fungi symbiotically associated with termites in the world, and the familiar chicken fir is one of them.

However, these mushrooms are generally small, only Thai white ant fungus stands out, perhaps there are other unknown collaborations in its symbiotic relationship with termites.

Termitomyces titanicus grows in the tropical rainforests of Africa and is a beloved and precious ingredient in Africa. Because it is rich in nutrients and has a good taste, it is hard to find - they only grow above the ground in the winter rainy season.

Among them, Zambia is particularly special. Collecting mushrooms is a part of the local people's life, and their attitude towards mushrooms is somewhat like that of our Yunnan.

On the other hand, precisely because they are very rare, this edible fungus has only recently been officially named and described.

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