How is the Macaron Phalaenopsis dyed and will it fade?

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The Macaron Phalaenopsis is a variety of Phalaenopsis cultivated through special dyeing techniques. It is characterized by petals presenting a rich and colorful Macaron color series, such as dark blue, light blue, purple, green, light yellow, etc. These colors fill the gap of traditional Phalaenopsis in the blue-green color series.
Having understood the origin of the Macaron Phalaenopsis, do you want to create the Internet-famous Macaron Morandi Phalaenopsis by yourself? As a novice in the flower shop or an enthusiast of floral art, here are several DIY secrets waiting for you to explore!
1 Live staining method
By injecting dye into the stem of the Phalaenopsis and using the principle of the circulation and absorption of plant tissue fluid, the dye adheres to the cell walls of the petals, thus presenting the Macaron color series. This method enables the Phalaenopsis to naturally absorb pigments during the growth process, presenting natural and lasting colors.
Advantages: When the flower buds slowly open, the colors transition naturally, presenting a gradient aesthetic, and the colors are relatively lasting.
2 Spray staining method
Coloring is done through methods such as gentle pressing, point pressing, light spraying, and multiple sprayings, similar to the coloring method of the Blue Enchantress rose. This method is more commonly seen in the Phalaenopsis used for floral art and gifts sold in flower shops.
Characteristics: Although it can quickly change the color of the Phalaenopsis, there may be problems such as uneven color and easy fading.

So, will the dyed Phalaenopsis fade? Whether the Macaron Phalaenopsis fades mainly depends on the dyeing technique and maintenance method. In order to maintain its beautiful color and promote reblooming, here are some more detailed maintenance suggestions:
Light management
Scattered light environment: Phalaenopsis prefers scattered light rather than direct sunlight. Therefore, it should be placed in a bright indoor location but avoid direct sunlight, such as near a window but with curtains for shading.
Avoid darkness: Prolonged stay in a dark environment will lead to poor growth of Phalaenopsis and affect the vividness of flower colors.
Temperature control
Suitable growth temperature: Maintain the indoor temperature between 18-28℃, which is the optimal temperature range for the growth of Phalaenopsis.
Winter warmth preservation: The temperature in winter should not be lower than 10℃, otherwise, it will affect the growth and flowering of Phalaenopsis. Heating or insulation materials can be used to keep the plants warm.
Water management
Moderate watering: Phalaenopsis likes a moist but not waterlogged environment. When watering, follow the principle of "water when the surface of the potting soil is slightly dry", and avoid water accumulation in the pot causing root rot.
Increase air humidity: Regularly spray water around the plants or use a humidifier to increase air humidity, which helps Phalaenopsis stay healthy.
Fertilization skills
Regular fertilization: During the growth and flowering periods of Phalaenopsis, regular fertilization should be done to supplement nutrients. Specialized fertilizers for Phalaenopsis or diluted compound fertilizers can be selected for fertilization.
Concentration control: When fertilizing, pay attention that the fertilizer concentration should not be too high to avoid burning the roots. Fertilize according to the recommended concentration on the instruction manual.
Measures to promote reblooming
Prune the flower stalk: Timely prune the flower stalk to one-quarter of its length after the flowers wither, which helps stimulate the growth of new buds and flower bud differentiation.
Supplement nutrition: Supplement nutrients timely after pruning and during the growth process, especially phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, to promote flower bud formation and flowering.
Maintain a good environment: Continuously maintain suitable light, temperature, and water conditions to create an environment conducive to the growth and reblooming of Phalaenopsis.

Through the implementation of the above maintenance measures, the color retention time of the Macaron Phalaenopsis can be effectively prolonged and its reblooming can be promoted, allowing the beautiful Phalaenopsis to continuously decorate your living space.

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