How long is the flowering period of Delphinium consolida?

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Let's talk about the flower that resembles a flying swallow today - Delphinium consolida. After it blossoms, it looks like little swallows dancing gracefully, giving people a lively and vivid feeling. The flower language is lightness and freedom, symbolizing an unrestrained life.

The colors of Delphinium consolida are fresh, including white, blue, pink, etc. The posture of the flower is light, and the flowers are petite and lovely. Taking fresh cut flowers as an example, the flowering period is approximately about one week.

How to take care of them? After buying the flowers home, tear off the packaging. First, cut the roots at a 45-degree angle. Then, take a flower awakening bucket filled with water and awake the flowers for about two hours. After the flowers are awake, remove the excess leaves and some small side branches. Find a nice small vase, add about 1/2 of water. If possible, add preservatives or 84 disinfectant. Finally, grasp the flowers in a spiral way with the flower heads aligned, upper left and lower right, and then cut at a 45-degree angle and insert them into the vase. Change the water once a day and cut the roots about every three days. Additionally, it should be reminded that Delphinium consolida has relatively high requirements for water quality. Be sure to clean the roots and the flower pot clean each time.
Delphinium consolida has a light posture. Many flower lovers want to keep it as an indoor foliage plant. The flowering period is mainly concentrated from April to May. Therefore, flower lovers who like pot cultivation like to have a pot in summer. Then, how to take care of Delphinium consolida daily? First, pay attention to the light. It likes a bright place but avoids direct sunlight to prevent the leaves from being burned. Secondly, maintaining an appropriate humidity is the key.

Therefore, do not over-water it daily. You can touch the surface of the soil with your hand first. When you find it is dry, water it appropriately. Reduce the frequency of watering in winter. Finally, when changing the pot, you can apply dry manure as base fertilizer first. Then, according to the growth situation, apply(composted) cake fertilizer water 1 to 3 times a month, or alternately use Flower More No.1 and No.2.

The Delphinium consolida plant is relatively shade-tolerant and has strong adaptability. It is suitable for decoration in places such as the living room and study. It can not only purify the air but also add a peaceful and elegant atmosphere. As long as the above points are noted, Delphinium consolida can grow healthily at home and show its vitality.

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