How to breed coffee seedlings

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Use fresh coffee fruit as seeds, or you can use dried coffee beans.

First, pass through a potassium permanganate disinfectant.

The second step is to soak in warm water below 40 degrees for 5 hours. Use a foamed box with sand that is easier to handle to load, and it is convenient to transport to Yunnan after the buds come out. Then plant the seeds in medium-coarse sand (riversand), and then add 2-3cm thick coarse sand, and then lay a layer of 3-5cm straw to retain moisture. Water it every few days to keep the sand moist.

About 20 days after sowing, the coffee seeds began to sprout, and they began to break through the ground in 40-60 days. After there are four leaves, they are put into nutrient bags.

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