How to keep Australian wax plum in a vase?

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Australian wax plum, with its tenacious vitality and unique floral charm, is hailed as a gem of Australian nature. Its small but powerful flowers are like tenacious warriors in the cold winter, symbolizing an indomitable spirit and tenacious vitality. In many cultures, Australian wax plum is also endowed with the implications of hope and tenacity, representing perseverance in the face of difficulties and expectations for a better future.

Today, I'm sharing a plant with tenacious vitality. It is the Australian wax plum, also known as the winter plum blossom. Its flowers are mini and lovely, and its leaves are pine needle-shaped. It has a faint and very refreshing fragrance and is hailed as a gem of Australian nature.

The flower language of Australian wax plum is eternal love and unswerving affection. It is a very easy-to-care flower with an extremely long flowering period. In the flower market, you will generally see Australian wax plum in bright red, blue, pink and white. Most of the bright red and blue ones are dyed, while pink and white are its original colors. After buying the bouquet from the market, unpack it, trim the roots by about an inch, and then put it in a flower bucket for deep-water flower awakening for about three hours. After the flowers are awakened, you can trim the fine leaves near the roots. If you find it difficult to clean the broken leaves on it, you can use a towel to wipe them off directly from the roots to keep the part of the roots soaking in water clean. Finally, find a nice vase, add 1/3 of water, and then cut the roots diagonally according to the height of the vase and put the flowers in the vase. Change the water every 2 to 3 days in daily life and avoid direct blowing from the air conditioner.

In addition, Australian wax plum can also be potted and maintained. Usually, it loves sunlight. It is recommended that flower lovers place it near the south-facing window to allow it to receive sufficient sunlight. Because if it doesn't have enough light, it may lead to fewer flowers on the plant. Then in terms of watering, it is drought-tolerant. The frequency of watering can follow the principle that the soil is slightly moist. Before each watering, you can touch the soil with your hand to decide whether to water or not. Avoid having water accumulated at the bottom of the flowerpot, otherwise, it is easy to cause root rot. Finally, if you want the Australian wax plum to bloom splendidly, you need to apply a fertilizer rich in phosphorus and potassium once a month during the growing period.

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