How to remedy the broken flower branches of Phalaenopsis?

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I believe many friends who have raised Phalaenopsis have accidentally knocked off the newly budding branches. Today, let's talk about how to remedy the situation if the flower branches are broken in daily life?
In fact, the nodes of the budding branches of Phalaenopsis are very fragile. In daily maintenance, it is possible to break them when watering, or accidentally break them when moving the potted plant to change the direction of sunlight. First of all, flower lovers who encounter such a situation don't need to worry too much because the broken stem won't die and the amount of flowers won't be affected by the break. Because the number of flowers of Phalaenopsis has nothing to do with the number of stems. Even if the lateral bud near the root is broken today, there is no need to worry because as long as Phalaenopsis has healthy leaves, it can regrow.

However, although there won't be any loss in the number of flowers, it's still not good to have them broken because the new small lateral branches that grow again will be more fragile than the original ones. Thus, it becomes more passive in terms of styling. Additionally, there is also the cost of time. Originally, if it wasn't broken, the flower buds would have been quite large. But now, the flowering time may become inconsistent with the overall time.

Then, how to prevent the flower branches from being broken in daily life? First, when the flower stems grow a little longer, we can insert iron wires beside the stems and then use a special small clip to hold the slightly longer budding branches. Doing this can effectively prevent the bud tips from being knocked off when reaching out to water the flowers. At the same time, it also disperses the weight of the flower stems to avoid them from breaking due to the heavy flowers. With appropriate support, it can also better guide it to a lighted place, allowing it to bloom more satisfactorily. It can also make the Phalaenopsis plant stronger and the flower stems more resilient.

Finally, in daily life, when moving the flower pot, be as gentle as possible to avoid impact on the flower stems. Especially during the flowering period, try not to move it. It is recommended to place the Phalaenopsis in a stable position that is not easily bumped into by people, such as away from walkways and places where children play.

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