The Cultivation Methods and Maintenance Guide of Limonium sinuatum

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Suppose one day you have a quarrel with your wife. It is recommended that you send her a bunch of "Limonium sinuatum" at this time because its branches are covered with tiny flowers, like countless stars, giving a romantic and warm feeling. Maybe your wife will forgive you after receiving it. At the same time, its flower language symbolizes the emotion that can be adhered to even in difficult circumstances. Its existence seems to tell that the emotion remains the same as before, just like a dried flower that never fades.

Generally speaking, "Limonium sinuatum" is mostly used as accessory flowers or dried flowers. At the same time, there are many dyed Limonium sinuatum with very brilliant colors. Of course, it can also be used for single flower arrangements, and the flowering period can last for about 30 days. Let's start with the maintenance method of fresh-cut flowers. After bringing the flowers home, unpack them and cut the roots diagonally. At this time, you can also turn them upside down and loosen some of the bad flower branches hidden inside. Then, take a flower bucket and hydrate the flowers in deep water for three hours. After the flowers are hydrated, remove the excess side branches and leaves. If you choose to make dried flowers at this time, just hang the branches one by one on a clothes hanger and air-dry them in a cool place.

If you want to put the flowers in a vase at this time, add 5-10 centimeters of water to the vase. The amount of water should not be too much, otherwise, the roots will easily rot. If possible, add some nutrient solution or 84 disinfectant to it. Finally, hold the flowers in your hand with a spiral technique, align the flower heads from top left to bottom right, and cut the roots diagonally according to the height of the vase. In addition, when changing the water, do it every 2-3 days and clean the vase and the roots each time.

The maintenance of Limonium sinuatum is very simple. Even when potted, it is suitable for lazy people to raise. In daily home maintenance, its preference for the environment is a place with sufficient light and good ventilation. When maintaining indoors, it is recommended to choose a south-facing windowsill. In terms of watering, it is a drought-tolerant plant and does not require frequent watering. Each time, check if the surface layer of the soil is dry before watering appropriately. Finally, in terms of fertilization, the growth period of Limonium sinuatum is in spring. At this time, some compound fertilizers mainly containing phosphorus and potassium can be appropriately applied to promote flower bud differentiation.

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