The cultivation methods and precautions of peony flowers

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The "peony", known as the Queen of Flowers, has always been the King of Flowers in everyone's heart. Its elegant and luxurious posture after blooming is symbolized as representing nobility and auspiciousness, and it is also an important symbol of traditional Chinese culture.
Generally speaking, peony flowers are very common in the flower market. Take fresh cut flowers as an example. The price of 10 stems is within 20 yuan. So how to choose fresh cut flowers? First, confirm whether the flower buds are broken. Secondly, try to choose a darker color. Do not choose the ones with mucus at the roots. Meeting the above points indicates they are fresh flower materials. After bringing them home and unpacking, give it a deep water awakening treatment. Soak for about 2 hours. If you are in a hurry to use the flower materials, you can peel off its calyx at this time. This can help it bloom faster. After the flowers are awakened, take them out and tidy them up. Remove the excess leaves and leave 1-2 ornamental leaves. After tidying up, take a vase you like, add 2/3 of water into it. You don't need to add preservatives but you can add a little 84 disinfectant. Hold the flowers in your hand with a spiral gesture and cut the flower stems diagonally from top left and bottom right. Finally, just wait quietly for the flowers to bloom and then change the original deep water level to a shallow water level to prevent the flowers from blooming too fast. Change the water once a day afterwards and avoid direct sunlight.
If you want to enjoy the beauty of peonies more, it is best for flower lovers to choose potted planting. Because in a suitable environment, the flowering period of peonies can last for about a month. So what should be noted for the daily home care of peonies? First, in terms of soil selection, you can choose sandy loam or leaf mold soil. You can also put a layer of stones or tiles at the bottom of the pot to facilitate drainage when potting. The daily watering should just make the soil moist. Water once a week in spring and autumn. In summer, it may be necessary to water more frequently. In winter, reduce watering to prevent the roots from being frostbitten.
Then, usually, you can place the peonies in a place with sufficient sunlight. Never place them in a dark place, as it can easily cause the flower buds to wither and not bloom. Regarding temperature, peonies like a cool climate but are afraid of severe cold and cannot tolerate high temperatures. Pay attention to shading and cooling in summer.
Finally, for the indispensable fertilization process of raising flowers, during the growing seasons in spring and summer, apply a fertilizer rich in phosphorus and potassium once a month. Stop fertilizing in winter. In addition, prune after the flowers bloom in spring every year. Cut off dead branches, diseased and insect-infested branches, and overly dense branches to facilitate ventilation, light transmission, and the formation of new flower buds.

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