The differences between Sageretia theezans and Bomarea salsilla

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The "Sageretia theezans", which is deeply loved by flower enthusiasts, gives people a fresh and natural feeling after blooming. Its branches are tortuous and diverse, the leaves are small and emerald green, and the flowers are small and dense. It belongs to the Ornithogalum family and the Ornithogalum genus. Its flower language represents tenacity, nobility, dignity and purity, and is often used for ornamental and gardening decoration.

Generally speaking, Sageretia theezans in the flower market belongs to the cute and small flower type. There are fresh cut flowers and potted plants for sale. The price of fresh cut flowers is about 15 yuan for 10 branches. It should be noted that Sageretia theezans and Bomarea salsilla look very similar when purchasing, because they are two flowers of the same family and genus but different species. The difference is that the flowers of Sageretia theezans are smaller, and the overall flower head and flowers of Bomarea salsilla are larger.

Take fresh cut flowers of Sageretia theezans as an example. Its flowering period lasts for up to one month. How to maintain it? First, after taking it home and opening the package, take a flower refreshing bucket filled with water and give it a 3-hour flower refreshing. After refreshing, take a favorite vase, add 1/3 of the water, and also add a universal preservative. Doing so can effectively extend the flowering period. Finally, cut the roots flat according to the height of the vase, use the spiral method, align the flower heads to the upper left and lower right, and arrange them neatly and insert them into the vase. Change the water every 2 to 3 days in daily life, and clean the vase each time. Pay attention to prevent direct sunlight. As long as Sageretia theezans is maintained patiently, its flowers will bloom one after another.

If you want to enjoy Sageretia theezans for a longer time, then undoubtedly you should choose potted planting. How to maintain it in daily life at home? First of all, Sageretia theezans has strong adaptability, is drought-tolerant and cold-resistant, and likes an environment with sufficient light, but it should also be properly shaded in hot summers.

It is not strict with the soil requirements and can thrive in various environments. The principle of daily watering is to keep the soil moist. Generally, water once a week in spring and autumn, about three times a week in summer, and once every 10 days in winter. After watering, pay attention not to make the roots too wet, and do not leave water at the bottom of the flower pot.

Finally, during the growth period of Sageretia theezans, a thin liquid fertilizer can be applied once a month, and it should be kept in an environment with a temperature above 5 degrees Celsius. Finally, pay attention to regularly pruning dead branches and diseased leaves to keep the plants tidy and promote the growth of new shoots. As long as flower enthusiasts follow these maintenance methods, your Sageretia theezans can be healthy and lush, adding vitality to your home.

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