The flower language and symbolic meaning of Renanthera coccinea

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Today, let's talk about "Renanthera coccinea", the most tenacious variety in the orchid world. When it blooms, it is like a burning flame, very passionate, giving people the feeling of being full of energy. Therefore, this kind of orchid represents the spirit of never giving up.

In terms of the flower color of Renanthera coccinea, it has a unique gradient of orange and yellow, and the flower lines are very beautiful. Generally speaking, the flowering period of fresh cut flowers is 5-10 days. How to maintain it specifically? After buying the flowers home, first, open the package and cut the roots diagonally. Take a flower awakening bucket filled with water, keep the leaves and soak the flowers in deep water for about 3 hours. After the flowers wake up, you need to tidy the flower branches. Use scissors to remove the excess and rotten leaves. The leaves of Renanthera coccinea are very beautiful, so after removal, you can also take this leaf down and put it in a vase separately.

Then, after tidying up, take a favorite vase, add 2/3 of water to it, hold the flowers in your hand in a spiral way, align the flower heads from top left to bottom right, and finally cut the roots diagonally according to the height of the vase. Regarding water changing, change the water every day in summer, and in winter, you can change it every 2-3 days. If you find withered flower buds, pinch and remove them in time.

In some cultures, Renanthera coccinea is also regarded as a sign of luck and prosperity. Therefore, it is also very suitable for potted maintenance. What should be paid attention to in daily home maintenance? First of all, Renanthera coccinea likes bright but non-direct light. It is recommended to place it near a window with scattered light. This way, it can avoid direct sunlight and also allow it to absorb light. Its flowering period is mostly from May to July. Therefore, it is suitable to grow in a warm and humid environment and likes a temperature between 18 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Then, in terms of water control, the principle of watering Renanthera coccinea is "the soil is slightly moist". Be careful not to water excessively, otherwise, it is easy to have rotten roots. In summer, you can spray the plants and the surrounding environment regularly to increase the air humidity. Finally, if you want beautiful flowers, fertilizers cannot be lacking. During the growth period of Renanthera coccinea, you can apply a special fertilizer for orchids once a month, following the principle of "frequent application of thin fertilizers", and avoid too high concentration.

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