The production of new-season Brazilian coffee beans is affected

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In many parts of Brazil, there are bad weather conditions,the production of new-season Brazilian coffee beans is affected.

Last Friday, according to a report from the Brazilian National Institute of Meteorology, a cold current from the south will reach the southeast of Brazil. However, due to the previous high temperature in Brazil, the cold current and the hot atmosphere will form a strong stormy weather when they meet.

This stormy weather will have an impact on the northern and urban areas of Sao Paulo State, the southern and rural areas of Minas Gerais State, and the southern part and the entire Rio de Janeiro State in Brazil. Moreover, according to the Brazilian National Disaster and Alert Center, floods and mudslides may occur in these areas, with rainfall possibly exceeding 100 millimeters per day and wind speeds possibly reaching 100 kilometers per hour, which will last for several days. After the Brazilian National Institute of Meteorology issued a weather warning, these states have entered a "serious danger" alert state.

For the Brazilian coffee industry, Sao Paulo State, Minas Gerais State, Espirito Santo State, and Rio de Janeiro State are all major coffee-producing areas in Brazil, and these three states alone account for 48% of Brazil's total coffee production. Typically, the coffee berry harvest season in Brazil is from May to August, and it is currently in the fruiting period. Storms will knock down the fruits, and strong winds will also blow down the fruits, which will affect the harvest and yield of coffee berries. Therefore, industry insiders have urged coffee farmers and coffee farms to take preventive measures.

The civil defense departments of Sao Espirito Santo State and Rio de Janeiro State in southeastern Brazil issued a notice stating that the recent heavy rain has caused at least 24 deaths in the two states. Among them, in Sao Espirito Santo State, flash floods caused by the heavy rain have blocked many roads, and more than 5,700 people whose houses were destroyed by the flood are homeless, resulting in 16 deaths.

In addition, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, the heavy rain has caused 8 deaths. The most severely affected area is the inland mountainous area. The heavy rain has caused 238 landslides, and the warning center said that the probability of landslides in the next few days is still high, and the risk coefficient is very high. It can be said that many states in southeastern Brazil are currently affected by different disasters, and the current situation is in chaos, so it is currently impossible to estimate the impact on the industry, and the extent of losses and damage in some remote areas is also difficult to estimate. In addition, some experts said that due to the large changes in the weather, similar bad weather will occur in the future, and it is necessary to be on guard.

In addition, dengue fever in Brazil continues, and the heavy rain breeds mosquitoes. The number of deaths from dengue fever in Brazil has reached 153, and the number of cases is also high. Since this year, there have been more than 2.01 million cases of dengue fever in Brazil. Now both public and private hospitals in Brazil are crowded. Therefore, coffee industry insiders said that in addition to worrying about the impact of heavy rain on the future coffee yield, they are also worried that with the continued dengue fever, there will be a shortage of manpower during the next coffee picking period, resulting in slow progress in the harvest.

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