What are the characteristics of Phalaenopsis Shing Yui and Phalaenopsis Xingyue?

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There are numerous varieties of Phalaenopsis, and some of them look very similar. If not placed side by side for comparison, it's really difficult to spot the differences.

Today, let's compare the Phalaenopsis Shing Yui and Phalaenopsis Xingyue varieties that people often mistake.

Firstly, in terms of color, the color of Shing Yui is relatively light, and its back is light green, mixed with a bit of white and pink. When it blooms, there will be a little yellowish tip, and it will only turn light green after a long time of blooming.

While Xingyue is also green, mixed with white and light purple. The big difference between the two lies in the texture of the petals. Xingyue has a velvet surface, while Shing Yui is flat. Another difference is that the tongues of Shing Yui and Xingyue are also different. First, look at Shing Yui whose tongue is flat, and the petal feeling of the tongue is stronger than that of Xingyue, so the unfolding degree of the entire flower is better. In contrast, Xingyue's tongue curls upward, giving a feeling somewhat similar to a human chin.

Secondly, both the flower diameters of Shing Yui and Xingyue are about 9 centimeters. When comparing the leaves of the two varieties, the leaves of Shing Yui are slender. When touched, the feeling is a bit abrasive and not very shiny. While the leaves of Xingyue are wide, and the texture is shiny. Generally speaking, their main differences lie in the color and the design sense of the flower shape.

Then, in terms of maintenance of the two varieties, the growth of Shing Yui is a bit better because its leaves and roots grow faster. However, its drawback is that the roots are prone to black tips and a slight problem of stem rot. While the growth rate of Xingyue is relatively slow, but there are relatively fewer pest problems during the flowering period.

Finally, it should be reminded that varieties like Phalaenopsis Shing Yui and Phalaenopsis Xingyue are solid-colored flowers, so their colors are prone to fading. It may happen that the color of the flowers becomes lighter and lighter not long after blooming. This is a characteristic of light-colored flowers. So if you don't like fading, then this type of flower is not for you.

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