What are the differences between the corn poppy and the poppy?

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The corn poppy and the poppy are not the same plant. Due to their similar appearance, these two plants are often difficult to distinguish, and many people tend to confuse them when they first see them. However, although they are somewhat similar in shape, careful observation can still reveal obvious differences between them. Today, I will popularize the knowledge for all flower lovers.
The following is a detailed point-by-point summary:
Names and Scientific Names
Corn Poppy: The scientific name is Papaver rhoeas L., commonly known as the common poppy, the peony-like poppy, the spring-in-the-garden poppy, the fairy artemisia, the corn poppy grass, the dancing grass, etc.
Poppy: The scientific name is Papaver somniferum L., also known as the opium poppy, the big fireworks poppy, the rice husk poppy, the poppy millet, the imperial rice, the elephant valley poppy, the rice sac poppy, the sac poppy, the afangrong poppy, etc.
Leaves and Stems
The entire leaf and stem of the corn poppy are covered with fine hairs, which make the appearance of the corn poppy softer and add a unique texture to it. While the leaf and stem of the poppy are overall smooth and hairless, looking smoother and more delicate.
Morphological Characteristics
The plants of the corn poppy are relatively slender, and the height is usually between 30 - 90 centimeters. The stem is upright and branched. The leaves are lanceolate or narrow-ovate, and the leaf texture is relatively thin. The flowers of the corn poppy grow singly at the top of the stem and branches. The petals are mostly thin and soft in texture, with rich colors such as red, pink, and white, and often have spots or stripes.
In contrast, the plants of the poppy are relatively stout, and the height is generally about 30 - 150 centimeters. The stem is upright and unbranched. The leaves are larger and have irregular wavy serrations. The flowers of the poppy are larger, with a diameter of more than 10 centimeters. The petal texture is thick and smooth. The colors are mostly single red, pink or white, and usually have no spots or stripes.
Fruits and Flowers
The capsules of the corn poppy are smaller, with a truncated spherical shape, and the seeds are small and numerous. While the capsules of the poppy are larger, spherical or oval in shape, and contain more seeds.
The corn poppy is a common ornamental flower, widely used in garden landscapes and flower bed arrangements. While the poppy is an important raw material for making drugs and is subject to strict legal control in most countries.
In conclusion, although the corn poppy and the poppy are somewhat similar in appearance, as long as we observe carefully, we can still find obvious differences between them. By observing the characteristics of their "leg hairs", flowers, leaves, and growth habits, we can easily distinguish them.

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