What are the differences between white milan and black milan?

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Among the family of milan flowers, white milan and black milan are rather unique, and they have obvious differences in several aspects.
Firstly, there are differences in appearance. The flowers of white milan usually present a pure and white color with delicate petals, while the flowers of black milan are not truly black in the literal sense, but a deep dark purple, nearly black, giving people a mysterious and noble feeling. In terms of flower fragrance, the aroma of white milan is relatively light and soft. The flower fragrance of black milan is more intense and mellow, and can linger in the air for a long time. In terms of growth habits, white milan has relatively higher requirements for light and temperature, and needs sufficient sunlight and a warm environment to grow well. Black milan shows more resilience in adapting to the environment and has a wider adaptation range for light and temperature. In terms of maintenance difficulty, white milan is relatively delicate and requires more meticulous management in terms of soil fertility and water control. Black milan is relatively easy to maintain and has a certain tolerance to some changes in maintenance conditions.
If you want milan flowers to thrive and be in full bloom, you must avoid the following taboos of cultivation. Avoid soil compaction: Milan flowers like loose, breathable and fertile soil. If the soil is compacted, the roots cannot breathe and absorb nutrients normally, and the growth of the plants will be seriously affected. Avoid improper watering: Excessive watering can lead to water accumulation and root rot, while too little watering can cause the plants to lack water and wither. The principle of "water when dry and keep it moist but not too wet" should be followed to maintain the soil moist but not overly wet. Avoid insufficient light: Milan flowers are light-loving plants, and sufficient sunlight is the key to their growth and flowering. Long-term placement in a dark environment can lead to excessive growth of branches and leaves, scarce flowering or even no flowering. Avoid excessive fertilization: Excessive fertilization or high concentration can easily burn the roots. Fertilization should be done frequently with thin fertilizer, and select the appropriate fertilizer according to the growth stage of the plants. Avoid inappropriate temperature: Milan flowers like a warm environment and are not cold-resistant or heat-resistant. Pay attention to keeping warm in winter and provide appropriate shading and cooling in summer. Avoid no pruning for a long time: Timely pruning of diseased branches, weak branches and overly dense branches can promote ventilation and light transmission of the plants, and maintain a good plant shape and growth trend.
Avoiding these cultivation taboos, you can make milan flowers bloom in the most brilliant colors under your meticulous care.

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