What is the type of the 'Jade Goddess Phalaenopsis' flower?

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Let's talk about a Phalaenopsis variety with a profound Buddhist meaning today - Jade Goddess. It has a noble and elegant appearance. After blooming, it somewhat resembles a "Call Duck", and it was once rumored to be sold out due to its popularity. Let's take a detailed look at Jade Goddess below.
Looking closely at the Jade Goddess Phalaenopsis, its petal color is pure white, and the petal shape is round and plump. Because the color of the petals is very clean, the color of its flower lip appears to be a particularly rich orange flower lip. Moreover, its flower quantity is truly large. A single plant can have at least about 40-50 flower buds, and the diameter of the flower after blooming is about 8 centimeters, which is considered a medium-sized flower type. Therefore, when it blooms overall, it appears very eye-catching and plump.
However, although the Jade Goddess has a large number of beautiful flowers, due to the overly vigorous branching of the flowers, the tip of the branches may easily break the petals. So, how should we handle the situation when the petals of the Phalaenopsis are rubbed and torn? It should be known that a perforated petal is an irreversible situation, so we can only try to avoid further damage. Specifically, you can do this: First, gently wipe any dirt or bacteria that may be present outside the wound with a soft cloth or cotton swab to prevent wound infection. Secondly, try to touch this already damaged petal as little as possible because the grease or tiny particles on your fingers may aggravate the damage.
Then, we can consider going to a flower shop to buy some special plant repair sprays for Phalaenopsis and gently repair the damaged area. Such protectants can prevent water loss and bacterial invasion. Additionally, to further protect the Phalaenopsis, move the potted plant to a suitable environment for maintenance, avoid a closed and poorly ventilated environment, as well as a humid environment. First, ensure good ventilation, and then ensure the temperature is between 20-25 degrees Celsius. Regarding watering, follow the principle of "water when the soil is dry to a certain extent" to avoid excessive watering.
Finally, to avoid the vigorous branching rubbing and breaking the petals, you can also use auxiliary tools to shape the flower form. Generally speaking, use professional flower items such as soft thread, traceless tape, and thin bamboo sticks to gently fix the petals. But please be careful not to tie them too tightly to avoid affecting the growth of the petals.

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