What plants can be raised in the fish tank to increase oxygen and purify water quality?

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In the elaborately created world of the fish tank, apart from the colorful fish swimming in it, some green plants can also become indispensable elements. They not only add a natural aesthetic to the fish tank but also have an important function - oxygenation. So, exactly which plants are suitable for being raised in the fish tank to create a more oxygen-rich environment for the fish?

Ceratophyllum demersum, the algae are like green hair strands in the water, light and graceful. As a common floating or submerged plant, Ceratophyllum demersum can not only effectively purify the water quality, absorb harmful substances such as ammonia nitrogen and nitrates, but also provide shelter and spawning places for fish, promoting ecological balance.

Saururus chinensis, known for its strong growth ability and high oxygen release efficiency, can spread rapidly in the fish tank. Under sufficient light conditions, Saururus chinensis can carry out photosynthesis efficiently and release a large amount of oxygen, as if it were an "oxygen manufacturing factory" in the fish tank. At the same time, its dense leaves can also provide a certain hiding and playing place for small fish.

Anubias, loved by aquarium enthusiasts for its shade-tolerance and easy maintenance. It has relatively low requirements for light and water quality and can grow stably even in an environment with insufficient light or large fluctuations in water quality. The oxygen produced by Anubias during photosynthesis can effectively increase the dissolved oxygen level in the water of the fish tank, allowing the fish to breathe more smoothly.

Cabomba, like a green flower in the water, is fresh and charming. With its elegant posture and lush growth characteristics, it has become a highlight in many aquatic plant tanks. Cabomba can effectively enhance the ornamental value of the fish tank and replenish oxygen to the water body through photosynthesis.

Moss, as an attached aquatic plant, there are various types of moss with different forms. Whether it is the small and exquisite mini moss or the spreading large triangle moss, they are all very suitable for the decoration and landscaping of the fish tank. Moss can not only produce oxygen through photosynthesis but also adsorb suspended substances in the water, helping to keep the water clear.

It should be noted that although these aquatic plants have a positive effect on improving the water quality of the fish tank and increasing the oxygen content, in high-density fish tanks, it still depends on equipment such as filters and oxygen pumps to maintain a good water environment. Reasonable breeding density, regular water quality testing, and appropriate water circulation are the keys to ensuring the ecological balance of the fish tank and the health of the fish.

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