Which flowers are suitable for planting in the courtyards in the north?

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In the courtyards of the north, choosing suitable flowers for planting can not only add color and vitality to the courtyards but also bring charming fragrance and beautiful scenery in different seasons.
Firstly, rose is a frequent guest in the courtyards of the north. It has a wide variety of species and rich flower colors, including charming red, tender pink, pure white, etc. Roses are cold-resistant and drought-tolerant, with a long flowering period. From spring to autumn, the flowers keep blooming and are the most eye-catching presence in the courtyards.
The peony has large and bright flowers, and is elegant and luxurious, known as the "king of flowers". The climate conditions in the north are suitable for the growth of peonies. As long as they are given sufficient sunlight and proper maintenance, they can show their noble charm in the courtyards.
The peony flower is similar to the peony, but its flowering period is slightly later, and the flowers are equally splendid and colorful. It has strong adaptability and can thrive in the courtyards of the north, adding a touch of romance and elegance to the courtyards.
Lilac is also a good choice for the courtyards of the north. Its flowers are small and exquisite, with a rich fragrance, and you can smell the refreshing fragrance from afar. Lilac has good cold resistance. When it blooms in spring, the trees are full of flowers, bringing a warm atmosphere to the courtyards.
Crape myrtle blooms in summer, with a long flowering period and bright flower colors, including red, pink, purple, and other colors. It can tolerate the high temperature and dryness in the summer of the north, adding a bright color to the courtyards.
Chrysanthemums are the protagonists of autumn, with rich varieties and different shapes. Planting some autumn chrysanthemums in the courtyards of the north can create a colorful garden in the golden autumn season.
In addition, Hosta plantaginea is a shade-tolerant flower, suitable for planting in the shady corners of the courtyards. Its white flowers are like the hairpins of ancient women, fresh and refined.
Hemerocallis is also one of the common flowers in the courtyards of the north. The flowers are large and beautiful, with bright colors and high ornamental value.
In the courtyards of the north, when choosing suitable flowers for planting, factors such as climate, soil, and light need to be considered. Reasonably matching flowers with different flowering periods and flower colors can create a courtyard landscape with flowers to enjoy in all four seasons and continuous beautiful scenery, making your northern courtyard a charming ocean of flowers.

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