Which is easier to raise, Perfume Pagoda or Pink Litchi?

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In the colorful world of flowers, Perfume Pagoda and Pink Litchi are like two brilliant pearls, each emitting a unique charm.
But can you accurately distinguish them? First look at the appearance. The petals of Perfume Pagoda are thick, the flower shape is compact, and the pink and white colors are like elaborately carved artworks. Pink Litchi has thin petals, a loose flower shape, and the pale pink color is like the shyness of a young girl. Smell the fragrance to recognize the flower. Perfume Pagoda has a rich aroma, like luxurious perfume, lingering for a long time. Pink Litchi emits a fresh and sweet litchi fragrance, which is intoxicating. The flowering period also differs. The flowering period of Perfume Pagoda is longer, which can last for about a week, giving you enough time to enjoy. The flowering period of Pink Litchi is shorter. The brilliance of 3 - 5 days is also extremely precious. Understanding these differences allows you to identify Perfume Pagoda and Pink Litchi at a glance in the ocean of flowers.
The difficulty of maintaining Perfume Pagoda and Pink Litchi can be affected by many factors, including environmental conditions and maintenance methods. Generally speaking, Perfume Pagoda is relatively easier to raise. It has good adaptability and stress resistance. The demand for light of Perfume Pagoda is relatively wide, and it can grow well under sufficient but not overly intense light conditions. In terms of watering, its drought tolerance is slightly stronger. There is no need to water frequently, just avoid water accumulation. Pink Litchi is relatively delicate. It has higher requirements for light and temperature. Excessive or too weak light and drastic changes in temperature may affect its growth. In terms of watering, it needs to be kept moderately moist, but excessive watering should also be avoided, otherwise it is easy to cause root rot.
However, as long as an appropriate growth environment and correct maintenance methods are provided, both Perfume Pagoda and Pink Litchi can grow and bloom healthily.

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