Are peonies and tree peonies the same kind of flower?

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As is well known, peonies bloom in April and herbaceous peonies in May. However, many people always have difficulty distinguishing between peonies and herbaceous peonies because they are extremely similar in both form and leaves after blooming.

But as the saying goes, "Peonies come first, and herbaceous peonies second. In ancient times, people loved to call peonies the true national color and herbaceous peonies the flower phase. So, how can one tell peonies and herbaceous peonies apart at a glance in the flower market?

Let's take a look at the differences below.

First, in terms of flower shape and root system, after peony flowers bloom, there are many layers of petals, the overall flower shape is larger, and the flower colors are rich, so the shape is more plump. At the same time, peonies are perennial woody plants, and their root systems are more developed than those of herbaceous peonies. Therefore, they are also used in traditional Chinese medicine. This medicine is called "tree peony bark". The blooming period of peonies is from April to May in spring.

As for herbaceous peony flowers, after they bloom, the shape is slightly flat, the overall flowers are smaller, with fewer petals, and the colors are relatively single. They are perennial herbaceous plants with slender rhizomes and are not used as medicinal materials. They mainly bloom from May to June at the turn of spring and summer.

Then, to distinguish between the leaves and branches of peonies and herbaceous peonies, the leaves of peonies are pinnately compound leaves, with serrated edges on the leaf margins, and the top leaflets are larger. The surface of the leaves has no luster, and the color is yellower compared to herbaceous peonies. The shape of the leaves looks like a human palm. And because peonies are woody plants, the color of the branches is more woody. Compared with herbaceous peonies, its branches are bright green, the leaf shape is trifoliate compound leaves, the edges of the leaflets are relatively smooth or have only a few serrations, the leaves are emerald green and shiny, and the shape of the end 3 lobes looks like a heart shape.

Finally, they can also be distinguished from the雏形 of flower buds. Because peony flowers are large, their flower buds will appear larger and the petals are easier to unfold. If you look at the growth form on the mountain, because peonies are shrub plants, their root systems are developed and the plants can usually reach 1-2 meters. While herbaceous peonies are originally herbaceous plants, and the plants are usually 0.5-1 meter tall.

In conclusion, peonies and herbaceous peonies are common flowers in the market. If everyone only judges who they are from a single flower or a single leaf, it is indeed quite difficult to distinguish them. It is best to combine the above methods for a comprehensive judgment.

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