What should I do if the buds of Phalaenopsis with the shape of Latin dance dress fall off?

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Today, I recommend a distinctive summer flower Phalaenopsis, which can be described as having an unparalleled beauty after blooming. It is an irreplaceable variety. Its name has the enthusiasm of summer and is called "Latin Dance Dress".

The "Latin Dance Dress" has many characteristics. First of all, its flowering time is the earliest among Phalaenopsis. Then, the rendering of its petals is a gradual change from blackish red to purplish red. When touched by hand, it has a velvet texture, and the lace is a wavy skirt edge. It is a variety that cannot be replaced. From the perspective of flower shape, it belongs to a medium-sized flower, with a size of about 7 centimeters, the leaves are about 20 centimeters in size, and the overall height after flowering is within the range of about 35 centimeters.
However, although it has many rare qualities, it is the most famous "bud-drop king" in the Phalaenopsis world. Because as long as it feels that the light is not good or there is a draft, it will immediately give up the buds to save its life. Therefore, it is also a variety with a very low mortality rate.

Then, how to better avoid the bud drop of Phalaenopsis in home maintenance? First of all, Phalaenopsis likes humidity, and a growth environment with a humidity of 60% to 70% is the best. If there are cracked leaves during the maintenance period, it indicates that the humidity is too low. At this time, you can spray water on the leaves or around the flower pot to increase the humidity of the air.

In addition, attention should also be paid to not being closed and unventilated for a long time. Because if the airflow is not smooth, its leaves will have soft rot disease, or there will be large-scale fungal infections such as dry tips and withering of leaves.

Next, when watering daily, it should be in a state of being dry when dry and wet when wet. Generally, when the moisture of the sphagnum moss is seen to be moist, you must not water. Because Phalaenopsis is an epiphytic climbing plant, its roots themselves have the characteristic of water storage. Improper watering can cause the flowers to fail to open normally and wither.

Then, Phalaenopsis likes bright but not direct light. At home, you can choose a window facing southeast, and windows facing south and east are also good choices. But it should be noted that the south-facing window must be shaded to prevent the leaves from being burned by overly strong sunlight.

Finally, regarding fertilization, the flesh of Phalaenopsis is very sensitive. Using ordinary fertilizers is extremely easy to burn the roots, but it is also not advisable not to fertilize it. It is recommended that flower friends can choose fertilizers for orchidaceae plants, or use phosphate fertilizer or potassium fertilizer (apply thin fertilizers frequently) for irrigation.

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