Characteristics of Phalaenopsis Golden Beauty

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The Phalaenopsis Golden Beauty is a large-flowered type of Phalaenopsis that is deeply loved by people. Its flowers usually present a bright pure yellow color, with a brilliant luster and not easy to fade. The flower shape is round and complete, having high ornamental value. The specific size of the flowers may vary due to factors such as maintenance conditions.
Here are some characteristics and key points of maintenance for the Phalaenopsis Golden Beauty:
Flowers: Abundant in number and large in size, the average horizontal width of each flower can reach about 9.9 cm, and the vertical extension is up to 8.9 cm.
Flowering period: It begins to flower in early February and has a long flowering period of more than 2 months.
Plants: Plants grown for 23 months have an average plant height of 18.8 cm, an average leaf width of 42.8 cm, and an average pedicel length of 51.0 cm.
Color: The flower color is pure yellow, as dazzling as gold.
Maintenance points:
Propagation: Generally, tissue culture techniques are used to propagate seedlings. Pay attention to changing the trays in time.
Temperature and light: Regulate the temperature, light, and humidity in the greenhouse according to different growth periods and weather conditions. Phalaenopsis is afraid of both heat and cold. The suitable growth temperature is 25-30 degrees Celsius (during the day), and 24-25 degrees Celsius at night. It prefers a well-ventilated, humid air, and a moist and warm environment. At the same time, it requires appropriate light, but avoid direct exposure in summer.
Fertilization: Apply liquid fertilizer once every 5-10 days during the seedling stage, once every 10-15 days during the pedicel elongation stage, reduce fertilization during the flowering stage, and apply a flowering fertilizer diluted 3000-4000 times once.
Watering: Control the amount of watering to avoid oxygen deficiency in the roots due to overly moist soil. Water once every 10-15 days, but the specific watering frequency needs to be adjusted according to the actual situation. Keep the soil moist but not overly wet.
Disease and pest control: Pay attention to preventing and controlling diseases such as soft rot, blight, and pests such as red spiders and aphids. Regularly inspect the plants and deal with problems promptly when discovered.
In general, the Phalaenopsis "Golden Beauty" is a very beautiful and valuable flower, but it requires certain maintenance and management. Before purchasing, it is recommended to understand its growth environment requirements and maintenance methods to ensure that suitable growth conditions can be provided for the plants to grow healthily and continuously bloom beautiful flowers.

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