Which green plants can survive without watering for a month?

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When it comes to those green plants that can thrive even without water nourishment for a month, they generally exhibit excellent drought tolerance, strong water storage capacity, or a slow but steady growth rhythm. Here are some specific green plant recommendations that can tolerate long periods of drought environment to varying degrees:
Cactus Ball
Characteristics: It has excellent ornamental value, prefers a warm and dry atmosphere, and sufficient sunlight exposure can make its shape more beautiful.
Maintenance Tips: Ensure the environmental temperature in winter is not lower than 10 degrees Celsius, and it is preferably placed on the indoor windowsill. Even if it is not irrigated for 1 to 2 months, it will be safe and sound.
Snake Plant
Characteristics: As one of the outstanding drought-tolerant plants, it is reluctant to frequent water replenishment.
Maintenance Instructions: In winter, a watering frequency of once a month is sufficient to meet its needs. It prefers a warm and slightly dry environment. Pay attention to cold protection and avoid excessive watering. Appropriate light can also prompt it to bloom occasionally, and the fragrance of the flowers is particularly intoxicating at night.
Rubber Tree
Characteristics: It shows extremely strong drought tolerance. Frequent irrigation may instead become a burden for its growth and easily lead to root rot.
Maintenance Suggestions: Maintain a relatively high air humidity and ensure that the maintenance temperature in winter is not lower than 5 degrees Celsius.
Money Tree
Characteristics: It is also known for its drought tolerance. Watering once a month in daily maintenance is sufficient, and in winter, it can be extended to once every two months.
Maintenance Focus: Be vigilant about the problem of root rot caused by excessive water, especially to prevent water accumulation in the potting soil.
Aloe Vera
Characteristics: As an outstanding succulent plant, its drought tolerance is extremely outstanding and does not require frequent water replenishment.
Maintenance Guide: Provide sufficient sunlight exposure and maintain a warm and well-ventilated environment. Even if it is not watered for a month in winter, it can survive safely.
Desert Rose
Characteristics: It is known for its tall and straight plants and the swollen tubers at the bottom. This structure endows it with excellent water storage capacity.
Maintenance Points: Keep the potting soil moderately dry and water only when the soil is completely dry. At the same time, ensure sufficient light and a temperature not lower than 10 degrees Celsius throughout the year.
Jade Tree
Characteristics: Belonging to the succulent plants of the Crassulaceae family, it has thick leaves and stems rich in water.
Maintenance Strategy: Apply compound fertilizer once a month and follow the watering frequency of once every ten to fifteen days. Even in the event of a one-month drought period, it can still grow healthily. But it should be noted that it should be moved indoors in winter to prevent the invasion of cold currents.
Longevity Flower
Characteristics: As a member of succulent plants, it is not only easy to maintain but also has a long flowering period and extremely high ornamental value.
Maintenance Tips: Adopt a water-saving irrigation strategy. It is recommended to water when the soil is about 40% dry or the leaves are slightly weak. In addition, timely pruning and fertilization can help it take shape quickly and increase the amount of flowering.
These green plants are all varieties with strong drought tolerance and are suitable for those who are busy or tend to forget to water. However, please note that although they can tolerate a certain degree of drought, long-term lack of watering or excessive drought may still adversely affect their growth. Therefore, in the maintenance process, it is still necessary to water appropriately according to the specific situation and maintain a suitable growth environment.

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