How to grow forget-me-nots?

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Today, let's talk about a small and delicate flower - forget-me-not. Its name contains profound emotional meaning, representing commitment and loyalty. The flower language is an unchanging heart. At the same time, its flower colors are very attractive, including light purple, pink, and so on.

Generally speaking, forget-me-nots can be sold by the catty in the flower market in Yunnan. It is a very suitable flower for beginners. After buying a large bunch from the flower market, you can choose to make it into dried flowers or fresh cut flowers. If you want to make dried flowers, you can use the inversion method. After bringing it home, there is no need to hydrate the flowers. Just hang them in a cool and ventilated place directly with a clothes hanger to dry. The method is to clamp them one by one. During the drying process, avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading. It takes about a week to dry. When you see that the stems change from emerald green to yellowish-green, it indicates that the dried flower process is completed. Such dried flowers can be kept for one to two years.

Then, if you choose fresh cut flowers, you need to remove all the leaves at this time. Because if the leaves are not fully removed, they will rot when soaked in water. Take a favorite vase, add a small amount of water to it, and you can also add some nutrient solution. Then hold the flowers in your hand in a spiral way, left upper and right lower, and the middle can be a little higher to create a sense of layering. Change the water about every three days and keep it ventilated. This can last for about a month and a half.

The flowering period of forget-me-nots is relatively long, and its blooming season is spring. If you choose potted plants, when maintaining forget-me-nots at home daily, you can pay attention to giving it more sunlight. It is recommended to place it by the south or east-facing windows at home. Regarding the soil, you can add some perlite or leaf mold to the loose soil to improve the soil structure.

In terms of watering, forget-me-nots do not require much water and do not like overly moist soil. Therefore, usually, follow the principle of "rather dry than wet" when watering and avoid placing it directly in the place where the heating or air conditioning outlet is.

Finally, after the flowering period, if there are withered inflorescences, they should be cut off in time. Doing so can extend the viewing period and promote the formation of new flower buds.

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