What are some nice names for succulent plants?

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Many flower lovers are addicted to raising succulent plants. Because according to incomplete statistics, there are approximately more than 10,000 kinds of succulent plants worldwide, belonging to more than 100 families. It can be said that among the thousands of styles, there is always one suitable for you. Today, the editor has sorted out the highly praised succulents for everyone. Let's see if they can win your heart?
Echeveria 'Jansenvillensis'
Any plant with the word "wa" in its name is surely favored. It belongs to the succulent plant of the Echeveria genus in the Crassulaceae family. The leaves are arranged in a rosette shape. It likes a warm, dry, and drought-tolerant environment. Its appearance is very attractive and was once sold at sky-high prices.
Agave potatorum var. verschaffeltii
Also known as Agave potatorum, Agave potatorum var. verschaffeltii belongs to the succulent plant of the Agave genus in the Asparagaceae family. It has a rare variant of yellow middle spots on its flesh, which belongs to the extremely attractive category and can also be regarded as a horticultural treasure. Daily maintenance likes a warm and slightly dry temperature environment. It doesn't like cold and is relatively drought-tolerant. When encountering a high temperature of 30 degrees Celsius in summer, proper shading is required, along with attention to ventilation and appropriate increase in watering.
Echeveria 'Romeo'
With a name like the character in a fairy tale, "Romeo", it belongs to the succulent plant of the Echeveria genus in the Crassulaceae family. The succulent leaves are relatively thick. The characteristic is that the whole plant is vermilion, and the touch feels smooth and waxy. It is a succulent variety that looks very high-end. The vast majority of succulent lovers became fascinated with raising succulent plants because of it.
Crassula 'Momiji Matsuri'
Crassula 'Momiji Matsuri' is a hybrid variety of Crassula erosa and Crassula capitella. The leaves are thin and slender. It likes a warm, dry, drought-tolerant, and cold-tolerant environment. Especially in winter, the leaves will turn rose red, which is very festive. In summer, when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius, it will enter a short dormant period. Therefore, during daily maintenance, it should be placed on a semi-shaded balcony.
Echeveria 'Blue Surprise'
As the name suggests, Echeveria 'Blue Surprise' has "blue" leaves. It is very special. The leaves are stacked like lotus flowers, and its color will change from light blue to light purple depending on the climate. For flower lovers who love blue, it will surely give you an unexpected surprise.
Echeveria 'Cante'
Echeveria 'Cante' is a succulent plant with an otherworldly charm. It belongs to the Echeveria genus in the Crassulaceae family. The leaves are thick, and the surface is covered with a layer of white powder. Under the sunlight, it appears pale purple, and under normal household light, it will appear light pinkish-blue. In conclusion, the more you look at it, the more attractive it becomes.

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