How to water Phalaenopsis orchids on a daily basis

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Many friends have a special fondness for Phalaenopsis orchids. The main reason is simple: the flower shape of Phalaenopsis orchids is very beautiful, the appearance is very festive, and the flowering period is relatively long. However, some novice flower friends say that Phalaenopsis orchids are not easy to grow, difficult to bloom, and prone to withering. Of course, the reason why Phalaenopsis orchids are complained about by novice flower friends is that many people don't understand the watering skills of Phalaenopsis orchids.
To make Phalaenopsis orchids bloom abundantly and extend the flowering period, the most important thing is watering. For the delicate Phalaenopsis orchids, the key to watering is once every 7-10 days, and try to complete a dry-wet cycle of the planting material as much as possible. How to choose the right time for watering? When you feel that the planting material has become lighter, has no moisture, or the roots have turned white, you can water in any of these situations.
The specific operations of watering are as follows:
Method 1. Take a 3.5-inch flowerpot as an example. It is recommended to use a nested pot (ceramic pot). The water needs to be poured from the top. For the first watering, 100-150 milliliters of water is suggested. For subsequent waterings, you need to adjust according to the dry-wet cycle of the planting material. It is best to place a tray at the bottom of the flowerpot so that the undrenched water can be absorbed back. In addition, a special point to note when watering flowers is to avoid the neck of the Phalaenopsis orchid. If it gets wet accidentally, wipe it dry in time to prevent neck rot.
Method 2. Use a container cup with more than 200 milliliters of water. It is appropriate to soak the sphagnum moss to a humidity of 1/2. As time passes, the upper part will also be moistened later.
Method 3. If the surrounding environment is dry and the planting material has good water permeability, the soaking pot method can be used. The method is to soak the pot to below the neck, that is, the exposed roots need to be covered with sphagnum moss to avoid sunburn and drying out and shriveling due to absorption of dry moisture. In addition, it should be noted that try to use one pot of water for each pot to avoid bacterial growth.
Suggestions that novice flower friends must know:
Suggestion 1. Don't refrain from watering because you are worried about the roots of Phalaenopsis orchids rotting.
Suggestion 2. When encountering new situations, you can search for maintenance experience online first and then practice according to your own environment. Remember not to copy the experience blindly. Finally, I hope that every novice flower lover can master the correct watering skills and maintain Phalaenopsis orchids with vigorous roots and abundant flowers.

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