Flowers with fragrance suitable for keeping at home

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Do you know which flowers can make the whole house fragrant when kept at home? The editor has made a list for you today. If you like it, be sure to collect it well.
The scientific name of camellia is Camellia japonica. Its fragrance can be expressed by this phrase: "Like a heavily made-up beauty emerging from crimson silk, a ray of light reflects the morning glow. How much spring fragrance and beauty does it bring? Just like a truly red and long-lasting flower." If you haven't planted it yet, you must plant a pot. It not only has beautiful blooming flowers but also has a strong fragrance. As long as one flower blooms, the whole room will be filled with fragrance.
Osmanthus is also known as Sweet Olive. Its fragrance is rich, elegant and pleasant, and is known as "Fragrance within Nine Li". After it blooms, the fragrance is like a light honey sweetness, and the base note has a deep woody undertone, which has been praised by scholars and poets of all ages. There is a poem that says, "It's not a species from the human world but transplanted from the moon. With a touch of fragrance from the cold moon, it makes the whole mountain bloom." Therefore, as long as you buy a pot, the whole room will be filled with a high-quality perfume smell.
I believe flower lovers who love fragrance have raised it. Jasmine has a pure, sweet fragrance with a hint of coolness, and is therefore also known as "Beauty under the Moon". At the same time, it is also one of the famous raw materials for flower tea and various perfumes, and it is also the national flower of the Philippines. The fragrance of jasmine is the strongest at night. When it blooms, it will fill the entire space, and the smell is particularly comfortable.
Daphne odora
Daphne odora, also known as Sleeping Fragrance Flower and Penglai Flower, is native to the area south of the Yangtze River Basin in China and was later introduced to Japan. The (Daphne odora 'Marginata') available in the market today is a variation in terms of "color", "fragrance", "posture" and "charm". Daphne odora not only has a good fragrance but also has a particularly long flowering period. It can bloom from autumn to the next spring. After blooming, it has a mixed smell of honey, fruit and a light pine resin, and is known as "Heavenly Fragrance" and "National Beauty". Keeping one at home will make the whole room fragrant.
The petals of lilies have renderings of red, yellow, pink and white. As long as it is kept at home, when it blooms, the whole room will be filled with a light and delicate fragrance. At the same time, lilies also symbolize holiness and imply "great and pure" love. They are recognized as auspicious flowers.
Conclusion and suggestion: Although these flowers have fragrance, some people may be allergic to certain flower fragrances. Therefore, when choosing, you need to consider the feelings of your family members. In addition, different flowers have different light and water requirements. When raising them, you need to take care of them according to their characteristics.

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