The alternative in coffee berries - Yellow Bourbon coffee beans

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It is well known that the kernel of coffee berries is coffee beans! After the coffee berries are ripe, the farmers will pick them and take out the coffee beans for post-treatment. The most significant feature of most ripe coffee berries is the bright red appearance! They also therefore got a delicious nickname - "coffee cherries".

That's right, "red" is the characteristic of most mature coffee berries! The remaining few have completely different colors, and the protagonist of our article is one of the coffee berries with different colors, "Yellow Bourbon" ~

Yellow Bourbon
Since the 18th century, Brazil has started the coffee-related planting industry. At that time, the main coffee variety planted was Typica. By the middle of the 19th century, leaf rust had swept the world, and Brazil's coffee planting industry naturally also suffered. Due to the single genetics of Brazilian Typica at that time, after the leaf rust came, almost all of them perished.
So, Brazil decided to introduce the round-bodied Bourbon planted on the island of Bourbon, which has a stronger disease resistance, to reduce the damage caused by leaf rust. Because Brazil already has more than 100 years of coffee planting experience, the planting of the Bourbon variety is also like a duck to water, and it quickly spread in Brazil.

One day in 1930, people discovered a special Bourbon plant with unusual fruits in a Bourbon plantation in Pedernales. Unlike other Bourbons, after ripening, its appearance changes from green to red, but it is covered with a bright yellow! Moreover, its ripening time is faster than that of the conventional Bourbon variety.
With these two abrupt phenomena, it became the "eye-catching bag" in the plantation at that time: while others are still green, it turns yellow! Without thinking, it was immediately discovered by people with its eye-catching appearance! And it was named: Yellow Bourbon "Yellow Bourbon", the scientific name is "Bourbon Amarello" (all yellow variants of Arabica species are named with the scientific name Amarello).

By 1942, the Brazilian Agricultural Research had started a formal study of Yellow Bourbon. The research results show that it is a natural hybrid variety of Bourbon and yellow Botucatu. And the yellow Botucatu is a mutant variety of Typica, and also has a yellow appearance! Since it was discovered in 1871, there was no record of it, so it was named yellow Botucatu!
Yellow Bourbon is not only special in color, but also outstanding in taste! In the Brazil超凡 Cup competition, it has won the top three for two consecutive years. Some judges commented: "It has become a star in the boutique coffee industry in one fell swoop!" Indeed, in the next few years, Yellow Bourbon has achieved good results in various competitions, and once became a synonym for Brazilian boutique coffee.

But you know, the output of Yellow Bourbon is far lower than that of the conventional Bourbon variety. Moreover, the body is delicate, it can neither withstand the beating of wind and rain, nor can it withstand the heavy blow of leaf rust, so the difficulty of its planting is often much higher than that of the conventional Bourbon variety! This is also why today, its output in Brazil is less than 1%.

By the way! I suddenly remembered a funny thing. Due to the vigorous development of coffee in the later period, there are more and more different colored Bourbon varieties in the world. In order to distinguish the conventional Bourbon with a red coat from them, the conventional Bourbon got another nickname, "Red Bourbon"!

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