The queen of the coffee industry - Hawaiian Kona Typica

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amaican Blue Mountain coffee in that era was known as the emperor of the coffee industry, and there is such a place. Because of the comparable climate, the same variety planted is Typica, and because its bean shape is very eye-catching, it is called the queen of the coffee industry by people. And it is the Kona produced in Hawaii!

For the world at that time, Hawaii was the only coffee-producing area in a developed country. Like Jamaica, it had a low altitude, but it had a unique island climate. Therefore, the quality of the coffee produced by them would be much higher than that produced in other places at the same altitude!

The coffee planting in Hawaii can be traced back to their kingdom period (the Kingdom of Hawaii). In 1817, the first Spanish- Don Francisco de Paula Marin, introduced coffee trees to Hawaii, but failed to grow them. It wasn't until 1825 that the chief of the Hawaiian island of Oahu reintroduced coffee from Brazil, and coffee was successfully rooted in the Manoa Valley in Hawaii.

By 1828, the Reverend Samuel Ruggles brought Bourbon to Hawaii. After several years of cultivation, it began to be planted on Kauai in 1836. However, in 1858, the coffee trees in Hawaii were hit by pests. Almost all the coffee trees except Kona were wiped out!

Fortunately, at this time, the coffee planting in Hawaii had not yet formed a stable industry, everything was small and there was no big loss!

It wasn't until 1874 that a sugar farmer who planted sugarcane introduced the Guatemalan Typica variety, and the coffee gear in Hawaii really started to operate! Typica seemed to be naturally suitable for living on the island, and quickly adapted to the environment in Hawaii! In this way, with more and more people planting, the Guatemalan Typica variety from this was given a new title - "Kona Typica".

Then, in 1898, the Kingdom of Hawaii was annexed by the United States and became the fiftieth state of the United States. The United States is a developed country, so Hawaii became the only coffee-producing area in the world located in a developed country at that time!

In the 1930s, the economic depression swept across the United States, and even Hawaii, which was far away at sea, was not spared. Many estate owners could no longer maintain the operation of the estate and could only sell the land. Therefore, there are about 600 plantations in the Kona region of Hawaii alone! Because the scale of each plantation is a family-style farm, not the vast expanse in the traditional impression!

After the end of World War II, the coffee market in Japan became more and more prosperous. Even if they monopolized the market of Blue Mountain coffee, they could not be satisfied! So, with the same island climate as Blue Mountain and the same variety being grown, Hawaiian Kona is their next target! Then, because the fruit of Kona looks more plump, transparent, and shiny, it is known as the most beautiful coffee bean in the world! So Blue Mountain is called the emperor, and Kona is called the coffee queen equivalent to the emperor!

Now the Kona coffee we can see on the market will be more expensive, not because of its high quality (not bad to drink), but because of the small output and high input cost. All kinds of stackings, the price will also rise!

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