The complete methods of planting and caring for lilies.

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How can flower friends with a large balcony at home miss the lilies suitable for planting from March to May! The vast majority of people may misunderstand that lilies are annual, but in fact, it can be cultivated for many years.

As a type of bulbous plant, the lily blooming is very lush and very festive, so how to raise lilies? First of all, the lily is strongly photophilic, so only under the condition of sufficient light can the lily grow and bloom normally, otherwise, the flower stem will grow very thin and weak and even be prone to fall.

Secondly, the lily is a perennial plant. After blooming in the first year, it will also bloom in the second year. Only after the flower has finished blooming in winter, the stem and flower will wither, leaving only the bulb in the soil. But don't worry, in the spring, it will sprout again, and it will also produce daughter bulbs, that is, a bulb will grow another bulb inside.

To take good care of lilies, the watering skill is very important. When the lilies have not started to sprout yet, it is necessary to wait until the soil is completely dry or the flower pot becomes lighter before watering, otherwise, it is very easy to rot the bulb. When the flowers and leaves are growing, the watering principle is to see dry and see wet. Use your hands to sense that if the soil is a little dry, you can water it. Don't wait until it is completely dry before watering.

Then, the lily does not actually have high requirements for the soil. Field soil or nutritious soil can be planted, and it can also be directly planted in the ground. In terms of fertilization, if the bulb is planted in the soil, it does not need to be fertilized. If it is potted at home and the bud grows to about the size of a palm, it starts to be fertilized. It is recommended to use potassium dihydrogen phosphate to dilute with water 1,000 times and water it every 10 days or so.

Finally, for the replacement of the lily pot, generally speaking, it is changed once a year or so. It is necessary to note that try to use back the original soil quality and do not change its soil quality, otherwise, the lily's root system may not be able to adapt. The choice of pots should not be too large, otherwise, it is easy to have too much soil and accumulate water. It is best to be slightly larger than the original pot. In addition, lilies have a certain cold resistance ability, and in the south, it can be spent outdoors in the open air completely, but in the north, when the temperature is about 10 degrees lower, it needs to be moved into the room for heat preservation.

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