The correct way to raise domestic Narcissus at home.

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As we all know, Narcissus has the purity of coming out of the mire without being stained. Although Narcissus is poisonous, it also has the function of purifying the air. For home viewing, it can be placed in the living room, entrance, study, studio, etc. After blooming, the whole room is filled with the fragrance, and it is one of the New Year's flowers that everyone loves deeply.

What is the correct way to raise domestic Narcissus at home? And how to water it? Let's follow the steps below to take care of it.

Step 1, after getting the Narcissus, it is generally in the form of a bulbous plant. At this time, you need to peel off the outer layer of skin to reveal the white and tender meat.

Step 2, choose a suitable bowl or pot container, and remember not to be greedy for a larger flowerpot container, and the size that is just right is enough. Because only with a suitable flowerpot container can it be concentrated to raise it well, making the flower head more concentrated and good-looking.

Step 3, the skill of adding water to Narcissus must adopt the method of preferring less rather than more. Do not fill it up at one time, and just add it to 1/4 of the pot. It is recommended that the amount of water just passes the bottom of the Narcissus is enough. In addition, after the sun sets in the evening, all the water in the Narcissus should be poured out in time. In the morning when you get up during the day, add water again, and the amount of water is just enough to pass the bottom of the Narcissus. For Narcissus, the more water there is, the faster the leaves will grow, so it should be poured out at night, otherwise it is easy to lodging, and the leaves are prone to excessive growth.

Step 4, after the Narcissus is planted well, if new shoots grow, it should be given more sun. Because only in this way can Narcissus have stronger seedlings. In addition, it should be noted that Narcissus is a plant that likes a lower temperature and has light. If the temperature difference between morning and evening is too large, it may result in excessive growth of leaves, which will affect the beauty.

Step 5, in terms of fertilization, Narcissus does not have a large demand for fertilizer, and it can be without fertilization. But if you want more flowers to bloom and the leaves are strong, short, and fat, you can spray potassium dihydrogen phosphate or potassium phosphite, and the method of spraying once a week can suppress the absorption of nitrogen fertilizer and control the excessive growth to promote its flower bud differentiation.

As long as you persist in about 40 days according to the above skills, it can bloom well.

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