The cultivation methods and precautions of Phalaenopsis Rouge

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Phalaenopsis Rouge Snow is a variety of Phalaenopsis. As a medium-sized flower, its flower diameter reaches 7.5 cm. Such a size is neither overly flamboyant nor lacking in elegance, appropriately showcasing the abundance and beauty of the flower.

The small tongue on the lip is uneven, with bifurcation or protrusion. This form, described as the "swallowtail tongue", undoubtedly adds a touch of agility and uniqueness to the flower. The detail of the small beard翘起 upwards gives the flower a playful and cute temperament. The pinkish tinge on the petals, like the gentle sunlight scattered in the dawn, is gentle and romantic. This natural color transition makes the flower look softer and more dreamy.

When the light shines on the back of the petals, the pinkish luster that emerges is even more intoxicating. This luster not only enhances the three-dimensional effect of the flower but also enables the flower to showcase different beauties from different angles. Phalaenopsis Rouge Snow
It has certain requirements for the growing environment and needs suitable temperature, humidity, and light conditions. The following points should be noted in terms of maintenance: Light: Phalaenopsis Rouge Snow likes scattered light and should avoid direct sunlight. It can be placed in a bright indoor location without direct sunlight, such as a bright position near a window. Temperature: The suitable growth temperature is between 18 - 28°C. The temperature in winter should not be lower than 15°C, otherwise, it will affect its growth and flowering. During hot summers, pay attention to ventilation and cooling.

Watering: When watering, control the amount of water to avoid root rot caused by water accumulation. Generally, after each watering, wait until the surface of the potting soil is slightly dry before watering again. Humidity: It likes a relatively high air humidity, and the ideal air humidity is between 60% - 80%. The air humidity can be increased by spraying mist around the plant, but be careful to avoid getting water on the flowers. Ventilation: Good ventilation conditions are crucial for the growth of Phalaenopsis Rouge Snow. Keeping the air circulating helps reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases. Fertilization: During the growth period, proper fertilization should be carried out to supplement nutrients. Fertilizers such as organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers can be selected and applied after dilution according to the instructions. During the flowering period, the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can be appropriately increased to promote the formation and opening of flower buds.

Pruning: After flowering, withered flowers and yellowish leaves should be pruned in time to maintain the beauty and healthy growth of the plant. Pest and disease control: Phalaenopsis Rouge Snow may be affected by pests and diseases during the growth process. Common diseases include soft rot and gray mold; common pests include red spiders and scale insects. When pests and diseases are found, measures should be taken promptly for control, such as spraying pesticides and pruning the pest-infested parts. At the same time, maintaining a clean and well-ventilated cultivation environment is also an important measure for preventing pests and diseases.

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