The difference between Delphinium grandiflorum and Delphinium grandiflorum

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As is well known, there are similarities among people and also among things. In the colorful world of flowers, there are two plants that always make people confused. They are Delphinium grandiflorum and Consolida ajacis. In terms of color, they both belong to the blue-purple flower series and look similar. So, when visiting the flower market daily, how can we simply and quickly distinguish these two kinds of flowers? Let's learn about it below.
Generally speaking, distinguished by appearance, Consolida ajacis is more lightweight than Delphinium grandiflorum.

Consolida ajacis belongs to the genus Consolida of the Ranunculaceae family. The plant is only about 30-40 cm tall, belonging to the petite and lovely type. There is no tail at the end of the flower, the petals are thin, and the flower shape is like a blue flying swallow landing on the branch. It is a very pleasant flower.

While Delphinium grandiflorum belongs to the genus Delphinium of the Ranunculaceae family. The overall plant is 80-90 cm tall, belonging to the tall type. The flowers are relatively large, with a "long tail" at the end of the flower. After the petals bloom, they feel particularly soft. The stem is hollow, and the flowering period is longer than that of Consolida ajacis. At the same time, it also belongs to high-end linear flower materials, so the price is much more expensive than Consolida ajacis. In terms of flower language, Consolida ajacis represents freedom and purity, while Delphinium grandiflorum represents positivity and bravery.

Then, in terms of daily application, what are the differences? First of all, Consolida ajacis is a herbaceous plant, so its flowers basically bloom in clusters on the branches, belonging to the bulk flower type. Something like this is very suitable for making dried flowers. The natural air-drying method can be adopted specifically. After it is done, it can be placed at home for 1-2 years, giving a very forest-like rural feeling at home. While Delphinium grandiflorum, because of its large plant, has relatively long branches and can be made into linear flower materials. Especially when placed in a flower basket, its beauty emerges gracefully like a noble lady.

In general, as long as the two kinds of flowers are placed together and the flower shapes are observed, they can be distinguished. But if they are purchased separately, as long as you remember the height of the size, it is very easy to identify. Secondly, the two plants belong to the same family but different genera. As long as flower lovers bring up the statement that the plants belong to different genera, usually, the stall owners dare not use Consolida ajacis to impersonate Delphinium grandiflorum.

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