The differences between Marguerite and Double Pink Marguerite

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In the world of flowers, Marguerite flowers are beloved for their diverse colors and beautiful flower shapes, among which the Lovely Pink Marguerite and Double Pink Marguerite are particularly eye-catching.
Firstly, in terms of flower color, the Lovely Pink Marguerite presents a fresh and soft pink shade, with a brighter and more uniform tone, giving a sense of liveliness and agility.

While the pink of the Double Pink Marguerite is relatively deep and rich, with a certain layering, adding a touch of elegance and solemnity. In terms of flower shape, the petals of the Lovely Pink Marguerite are relatively thin and stretched, and the entire flower appears light and elegant. The arrangement of its petals is relatively sparse, highlighting a natural and casual beauty. In contrast, the petals of the Double Pink Marguerite are layered and closely arranged, forming a full and rich flower ball shape, presenting a magnificent and prosperous visual effect. In terms of flowering period, the Lovely Pink Marguerite usually enters the flowering period earlier, and the flowers bloom relatively quickly. While the flowering period of the Double Pink Marguerite is relatively late, but the duration of the flowering period is often longer, which can bring people a more lasting viewing experience. In terms of growth habits, there are also certain differences between the two.

The Lovely Pink Marguerite has a wide range of adaptability to light and temperature, and can grow well in sufficient sunlight and relatively mild climatic conditions. The Double Pink Marguerite has more precise requirements for light and temperature and needs a relatively stable and suitable environmental condition. Overall, the Lovely Pink Marguerite attracts people with its fresh and lively characteristics, while the Double Pink Marguerite is charming with its magnificent and solemn style.

The cold of winter is a severe test for Marguerite flowers. To ensure their safe wintering, a series of careful measures need to be taken. In terms of temperature, they should be moved indoors in winter and kept at 5 - 10℃ to avoid freezing. Light is indispensable. Place them in a bright place indoors to ensure sufficient scattered light. Watering should be controlled, reduce the frequency, and keep the soil slightly dry to prevent waterlogging and root rot. Fertilization in winter should be cautious, and try to apply less or not at all.

The indoor environment should be ventilated, but cold wind should not blow directly on the plants. Regular inspections should also be conducted, and pests, diseases, and withered branches and leaves should be dealt with in time. By doing these well, Marguerite flowers can pass the winter smoothly.

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