What are the flower language and implications of eucalyptus?

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Today, let's talk about "Eucalyptus", which is very versatile in the eyes of florists. It is an evergreen tree native to Australia. There are many types. Some have thin leaves, some have large leaves, and some are small. Some of the large ones are apple-shaped, which is very special. In addition, Eucalyptus also plays a role in environmental protection and is sometimes used as a sustainable resource for forest restoration and the paper industry.

The flower language of Eucalyptus is the gift of happiness, symbolizing beautiful memories. Generally speaking, it costs 10 yuan for a small bunch in the flower market. After buying it home, unpack it, find a flower-awakening bucket, and soak the flowers in deep water for about 3 hours. During this period, you can also spray the leaves more with a watering can. After waking up, the leaves and side branches near the root need to be removed.

Remember not to leave leaves near the water, otherwise the leaves will soak in the water and easily rot and deteriorate. After sorting it out, find a favorite vase, add 2/3 of water, and then cut the root diagonally according to the height of the vase. Eucalyptus can create a nice shape with just a simple insertion. Besides being inserted alone, of course, it can also be matched with some other flower materials, such as rose bubbles, small daisies, etc. It is very beautiful when placed together. Change the water every 2 to 3 days, and spray the remaining leaves with a watering can more to keep them moist, so that it can be raised longer.

If flower friends buy potted Eucalyptus, its daily maintenance is very simple. First of all, it likes sufficient sunlight. It is recommended to place it in a sunny position at home, such as by the window. However, avoid direct strong sunlight to prevent the leaves from being burned.

Then, in terms of watering, follow the principle of "better dry than wet", that is, it doesn't like overly moist soil. Water thoroughly after the surface of the soil is dry on weekdays. In winter, the frequency of watering should be appropriately reduced. Finally, regularly prune overgrown leaves daily. Doing this can help maintain the shape of the plant and stimulate the growth of new leaves.
It should be noted that the fragrance of Eucalyptus leaves may be toxic to pets. Therefore, if there are pets at home, make sure they cannot reach this plant.

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