The reasons why plants thrive but people don't

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Keeping some green plants at home to beautify the environment is the first choice for many people, because green plants and flowers are not only affordable but also can purify the air. However, not all plants have no taboos, and some may even create a situation where the flowers thrive but people don't. Everyone must take this seriously! The following discusses in detail those flowers that should never be kept at home no matter what.

Thorny plants

Generally speaking, thorny plants are relatively drought-tolerant and vigorous, and are very suitable for office workers to maintain. However, if there are children and pets at home, it is not recommended to keep these plants. Representative thorny plants include Euphorbia neriifolia and Hylocereus undatus, etc. They have a high risk factor. If you accidentally touch these plants with your skin, it is easy to be pricked.

Green plants prone to yellow and dead leaves

Usually, families with less than 50 square meters should not choose large-leaf green plants because improper maintenance is very likely to cause root rot and leaf shedding. Most of the reasons for leaf shedding or yellow leaves are caused by being infected by germs. If they are not pruned daily, the indoor air will deteriorate, and it will be bad for the body if it lasts for a long time. At the same time, diseases may also be transmitted to other healthy flowers indoors.

Flowers that attract flying insects

There is a kind of flower that will attract some flying insects when maintained for a long time, such as small black flies, aphids, whiteflies, mosquitoes, etc. These insects usually fly around the flower pot and also crawl in the soil. In conclusion, if there are more and more insects, they may fly onto people's skin and even bite the skin, making people uncomfortable all over. Similar to such insect-infested plants, they must no longer be placed indoors and need to be moved outdoors or to the balcony. If the insect situation is severe, spraying pesticides or discarding them directly is required.

So, how to choose flowers for home gardening? In addition to the three types of plants mentioned above, flower lovers can choose flower plants that are greatly beneficial to health, such as Radermachera sinica, Pachira macrocarpa, Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, Pinus strobus, Clivia miniata, etc. They have auspicious meanings, and after being well maintained, they can purify the air and improve the indoor environment.

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