When does Freesia refracta bloom?

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This is a refreshing and refined flower. After it blooms, there is an inadvertent fragrance. It is also the raw material of Jo Malone perfume. It is "Freesia refracta". Its flowers are not only beautiful, symbolizing pure and flawless love, but also representing freshness and hope. It is often used to express people's yearning for a better life and expectations for the future.

Freesia refracta is also known as Freesia hybrida. The common colors seen in the flower market are white, yellow, and blue. How should you take care of fresh-cut flowers when you buy them? Generally speaking, the flower shop owner will wrap them in paper shells. At this time, there is no need to open the package. Take a deep bucket to hydrate the flowers for 2 hours. Then, after the flowers are hydrated, open the package, remove the excess leaves and ineffective flower buds. Doing this can reduce the nutrients snatched by ineffective flower buds and ensure that each stem has a sufficient water absorption area. After removing the leaves, you can take a vase, add 10 centimeters of water, and you can also add preservatives or 84 disinfectant. Finally, hold the flowers together, align the flower heads, use a spiral technique from top left to bottom right, and cut them diagonally at a 45-degree angle and put them in the vase. For daily maintenance, change the water every three days or so. The indoor temperature should be controlled at around 10-20 degrees Celsius. The normal flowering period is 10-15 days. Freesia refracta is very fragrant. It is recommended not to put it in the bedroom.

Freesia refracta belongs to the Iridaceae family and is a perennial herb. Therefore, it is also recommended to buy potted plants for maintenance. Daily home maintenance is relatively simple. First of all, Freesia refracta likes abundant sunlight but avoids direct strong sunlight. It is recommended to place it next to a bright window, such as an east-facing or north-facing windowsill. The temperature should be controlled at 15-20 degrees Celsius. It needs to be protected from the cold in winter and from high temperatures and stuffiness in summer.

Then, in terms of watering, just keep the soil slightly moist. Note that when watering, do not pour water directly onto the flower heads or the leaves. Try to water the flowers along the edge of the pot. Only by doing this can the flowers grow healthily and not become bald like the Mediterranean. Finally, during the growth season of Freesia refracta, apply a compound fertilizer mainly containing phosphorus and potassium once a month to promote flowering. Flower lovers only need to meet the above points in daily life, and you can enjoy the beauty and fragrance brought by Freesia refracta at home.

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