What are the breeding methods and precautions for Tagetes patula?

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Summer is hot, and some flowers and plants are already on the verge of wilting, but it is an exceptional existence. We are talking about Tagetes patula. Some flower shop owners also call it Aster. It is one of the commonly used floral arrangement accessories.

The flowers of Tagetes patula are colorful, the small flowers are light and lovely, and they have a dreamy taro purple color. It is a favorite among many gardening enthusiasts. It likes to face the direction of the sunrise, and when the sun sets, it starts to close. It has phototropism, symbolizing the tacit understanding of love and the promise of love. It is a very super romantic flower material. Generally speaking, the most common ones in the flower market are fresh cut accessory grasses. How to take care of them?

After buying it home, open the packaging. Be careful to unwind the intertwined flowers of Tagetes patula one by one first, and then cut the roots diagonally. Because it has many flowers and plants, it is extremely easy to lose moisture. Therefore, the deep-water awakening time should be about 3 hours. After awakening, arrange its leaves. Just leave a little bit of ornamental leaves. All other leaves should be removed.

Finally, you can take out a vase you like, add 1/2 to 2/3 of the water, use the spiral method, align the flower heads to the upper left and lower right and tie them together. Cut the roots diagonally according to the height of the vase. Change the water every 2 to 3 days in daily life. Pay attention to ventilation and avoid direct sunlight.

Tagetes patula is a common ornamental plant, so many flower friends buy potted plants to raise. Its flowering period is generally from summer to autumn, and the flowering period is long, which can last for several months. Daily maintenance methods: First of all, it needs at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. If it is placed in a dark place, it will cause the plant to be weak and the color of the flowers to fade. The suitable growth temperature is 15 - 30 degrees Celsius. When winter comes, it should be moved indoors for cold protection.

Then, there are no special requirements for the soil. Ordinary garden soil is fine. Keep the soil slightly moist on a daily basis. When watering, try not to directly sprinkle water on the leaves to avoid rotting the roots. Finally, apply compound fertilizer or phosphorus and potassium fertilizer once a month during the vigorous growth period of Tagetes patula. Regularly observe whether there are withered and yellow leaves and flowers. If there are, they should be pruned. This can stimulate the growth of new flower buds and prolong the flowering period.

Overall, Tagetes patula is a relatively easy-to-care flower. As long as you pay attention to light, water and fertilization, it can grow healthily and vigorously.

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