What are the flower language and meaning of Evolvulus nuttallianus?

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Evolvulus nuttallianus belongs to the Evolvulus genus of the Convolvulaceae family and is native to tropical regions. It is an evergreen semi-trailing small shrub. Its plant height is 30 - 80 centimeters. The leaves are alternate, oblong, entire, and densely covered with white hairs on the back; the flowers are axillary, sympetalous, and the corolla is five-lobed and blue, with a white star-shaped pattern in the center. It can bloom throughout the year, but each flower has a short lifespan, usually blooming in the morning and wilting in the afternoon.
The flower language of Evolvulus nuttallianus usually has two meanings. The first is "a trusting heart" because it is suitable for matching with other flowers and can set off different kinds of beauty with different flowers, implying that interacting with each other with trust can yield good results. If given to a lover, it means "I trust you". The second is "seize the present". The flowers of Evolvulus nuttallianus are new every day. It blooms desperately and beautifully, just like the beginning of a new day, meaning to cherish the present, seize the moment, and live each day to the fullest, and strive and struggle in the present.
The beauty of Evolvulus nuttallianus is not only in its appearance. In terms of growth habits and maintenance requirements, it also has unique features. Evolvulus nuttallianus likes a humid or semi-dry climate environment and is suitable to grow under the condition of a relative air humidity of 50% - 70%. It has strict requirements for winter temperature and will stop growing when the ambient temperature is below 8°C. Evolvulus nuttallianus likes high temperatures. The suitable growth temperature is 18 - 26°C. It likes abundant sunlight, is heat-resistant, drought-resistant, and moisture-resistant, but not shade-tolerant. In terms of soil, it likes loose, fertile, and moist sandy soil and is suitable for planting in a neutral to slightly acidic environment.
When maintaining Evolvulus nuttallianus, it is necessary to pay attention to clearing the remaining flowers in time and avoiding continuous dampness or water accumulation in the soil to prevent root rot. Before the rainy season arrives, sterilizing pesticides can be sprayed in advance to prevent brown spot disease. It does not have high requirements for the potting soil, but it is necessary to ensure that the soil has more organic matter, is breathable, loose, and has good drainage.
If you want to grow it in a pot, you need to pay attention to choosing a pot of the appropriate size, ensuring sufficient light, watering reasonably according to the season and soil condition, fertilizing 1 - 2 times a month during the growth period, and keeping it warm in winter. When the temperature is lower than 5°C, it should be moved indoors.
It should be particularly noted that the entire plant of Evolvulus nuttallianus has certain toxicity. This toxicity mainly exists in its sap. If it accidentally comes into contact with the skin, it may cause discomfort such as redness and itching. If it is accidentally eaten by mistake, it may cause more serious health problems. Therefore, when coming into contact with Evolvulus nuttallianus, one should be cautious. Especially when there are children or pets at home, more attention should be paid to placing it in an inaccessible place.
In general, Evolvulus nuttallianus is a plant with both beautiful flowers and leaves, has high ornamental value, and is suitable for planting in courtyards or for pot cultivation and viewing.

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