What are the maintenance and planting methods of Phalaenopsis 'Dragon Robe'?

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Let's talk about Phalaenopsis 'Dragon Robe' today. It is a hybrid variety. After the flowers bloom, they have a faint smell of grass. Its petals have dark purple, golden, and pearlescent spots, which are said to be similar to the magnificent patterns on the dragon robe, hence the name 'Dragon Robe'.
The overall color of the 'Dragon Robe' is yellowish, with some red stripes on the petals. Its characteristic is that under sunlight, there are many fine and shiny pearlescent powders on the petals, which makes it particularly noble and elegant. The number of flowers is not particularly large. After the flowers bloom, it can be considered a medium-sized flower. The flower diameter is about 7 centimeters. Then its leaves are very small. The leaves measured from the center of the leaf are about 12 centimeters. The distance from the mouth of the pot to the position of the first blooming flower is about 18 centimeters. The overall plant type is not too tall. Placing it at the entrance or next to the TV cabinet is an ideal choice.
Generally speaking, how to judge whether a plant is healthy? When can Phalaenopsis be forced to flower? Some people say that as long as it is between September and October, Phalaenopsis can be forced to flower. In fact, this statement is only half correct. In principle, the best time to force Phalaenopsis to flower should also be combined with whether the entire plant has mature leaves.
Why is the number of mature leaves an indicator of the healthy growth of Phalaenopsis? From my years of experience in growing flowers, whether the growth state is healthy and strong can be reflected in the number of leaves. When a plant has more than five mature leaves, it proves that it already has sufficient nutrient reserves and growth ability to support its smooth flowering.
How to operate specifically? First of all, during the forcing flower period, ensure that there is 12-14 hours of bright light every day, but avoid direct sunlight to prevent leaf burns. In addition, it is also necessary to add fertilization nutrients to Phalaenopsis. It is recommended to apply more phosphorus and potassium fertilizers to promote the development of flower buds.
Then there is the control of the temperature in the space. The growth environment of Phalaenopsis is 18-28 degrees Celsius. As long as a comfortable environment within the range is reached, it can induce the differentiation of flower buds. Finally, the principle of daily watering is to follow "the soil is moist but not overly wet". You can touch the soil with your hand to check if it is dry and water it appropriately. It should be noted that the growth conditions of each Phalaenopsis are different, and the effect of forcing flowers will also vary. During the process of forcing flowers, the changes of the plants should be closely monitored and the maintenance methods should be adjusted in a timely manner.

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