What are the flowers that are recognized as difficult to raise?

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It is believed that many families have one or two pots of green plants such as Epipremnum aureum, Chlorophytum comosum, and Sansevieria trifasciata that are not easy to die, and they can also be propagated by cuttings, turning one pot into multiple pots. However, in the flower market, we can still see some familiar but difficult-to-raise plants in recent years, which can be a nightmare for beginners. The following are two new and good-looking plants that should not be bought easily.


After blooming, azaleas are brightly colored and therefore are known as the "beauty among flowers". However, those who can keep azaleas alive are experts in the field of flower cultivation because it has unique requirements for soil acidity, moisture, light, fertilizer, and temperature. If even one of these requirements is not met, it will quickly have yellow leaves and dropped flower buds, which is heart-wrenching. Therefore, it is quite difficult for beginners to maintain.

So, how should those who have newly bought azaleas take care of them? Generally speaking, potted azaleas brought home all have flower buds. At this time, do not change the pot randomly. First, place it in a position with scattered light and good ventilation. Later, you can put it in a basin one size larger, place a wooden board on the basin, and then place the azalea on the board. Doing this can create a high-humidity air environment for it. In addition, do not fertilize the azaleas that already have flower buds. When watering, remember to water thoroughly at once, and then drain the accumulated water in the tray. Do not move its position. After 20 days, if there are no yellow leaves or dropped flower buds on the azalea, it means this pot of azalea has survived.


Gardenias are favored by the public for their strong fragrance. Usually, the gardenias seen in the flower stalls are all full of flower buds, looking about to bloom, wrongly giving people the feeling that they can bloom with casual care. In fact, the maintenance difficulty of gardenias is no less than that of azaleas. It can come home with you on the first day and drop flower buds and have yellow leaves on the second day, like having a temper tantrum. It changes faster than flipping a book, and in the end, it even dries up directly without knowing the problem.

How should newly bought gardenias be cared for when brought home? The first taboo is to immediately change to a beautiful new flowerpot right after purchase, which is not advisable because it is quite sensitive to its own soil environment. After coming home, if it is planted in a black soft pot, do not change the soil or the pot. First, place it in a cool and ventilated position to let it slowly adapt to the temperature and humidity at home. Even if there are flower buds during this period, do not change the position. This is a way for it to protect itself. As long as you do not fuss over it, after a week when it adapts to the environment, it will not drop flower buds. Therefore, it is somewhat difficult to raise gardenias and it is not recommended for novice flower lovers to purchase.

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