What should be done if the leaves of Gerbera jamesonii are wilting?

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Today, let's talk about the ornamental flower "Gerbera jamesonii" native to South Africa. Also known as Transvaal Daisy or Sunflower, it comes in many colors, including pink, red, yellow, retro colors, and so on. In the language of flowers, Gerbera jamesonii is often given the meanings of "eternal love", "loyalty" and "inspiration", and is therefore often used to express deep blessings to friends and relatives and firm commitment to love.
Generally speaking, Gerbera jamesonii is very easy to keep alive. The flowering period of fresh flowers is about 10 days, and the longest flowering period of potted plants for viewing flowers is up to 6 months. So, what should be done if the leaves keep wilting during daily maintenance? If the wilting occurs on fresh cut flowers, the main reason is probably a little dehydration or rotting. Because the native root of Gerbera jamesonii is different from other flowers, it has no leaves or thorns, so it is prone to dehydration. However, there are a lot of villi on the stem and it is extremely prone to rotting. Don't worry if the wilting occurs. Take a straw, cut it open, then split it and put the entire straw around the elbow position, which can play a fixing role. In addition, during the maintenance period, it is necessary to change the water and clean the vase for it every day, and the flower head should not get in touch with water.
If you are growing potted Gerbera jamesonii and its leaves are wilting, there are generally only two reasons, either lack of water or rotten roots. You can observe and distinguish from the soil. If it is lack of water, just water it. If the soil is wet, it means the roots are rotten and you should stop watering.
Besides, there is another situation where Gerbera jamesonii wilts. It is neither lack of water nor rotten roots. It is because it was just bought from the flower market. When the florist was taking care of it, it was always placed in the greenhouse and never exposed to the sunlight on the balcony. At this time, when you bring it home and immediately expose it to such a high temperature, it surely cannot withstand the scorching sun and then wilts. If this is the case, just place it in a scattered light environment to recover the seedlings and let it gradually adapt to the light. After that, you can move it out to bask in the sun. All in all, after solving these problems, the leaves of Gerbera jamesonii will gradually regain vitality. But remember, proper pruning is also helpful for plant renewal and healthy growth.

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