What are the reasons why Little Hibiscus doesn't bloom?

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Little Hibiscus has a strong adaptability and is relatively simple to maintain. It loves sufficient sunlight and can thrive and bloom continuously under the bath of sunlight.
So, what are the usual reasons for Little Hibiscus not blooming? First, the lighting conditions are not good. Little Hibiscus loves light. If the lighting time is short or the light is weak, flower buds are difficult to form and naturally it cannot bloom. Second, the fertilization is unreasonable. The lack of phosphorus and potassium elements hinders the development of flower buds; too much nitrogen fertilizer is prone to causing excessive growth of branches and leaves, affecting blooming. Third, pruning is not timely. Over-dense branches and leaves consume a large amount of nutrients, resulting in insufficient nutrients for flower buds. Fourth, pests and diseases attack. This will weaken the growth ability of the plant and prevent it from blooming normally.
Then how should we deal with it? First of all, be sure to find a sunny place for Little Hibiscus and let it enjoy warm sunlight for at least 6 hours or more every day. Be careful when fertilizing. Give more phosphorus and potassium fertilizers and less nitrogen fertilizer before the flowering period to keep its nutrition balanced. Regular pruning must not be forgotten. Cut off those useless dead branches, diseased branches and dense branches to leave enough nutrients for the flower buds. Finally, always be vigilant against pests and diseases. Check the condition of Little Hibiscus frequently. Once uninvited guests are found, take effective treatment measures immediately.
Little Hibiscus can not only add bright colors to gardens and balconies, but also make people feel the beauty and tranquility of nature.

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