Which green plant fresh cut flowers are suitable for summer?

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In the sweltering summer, choosing suitable green plant fresh cut flowers can not only add freshness and vitality to your home but also bring a pleasant mood.
The following are some recommendations for green plant fresh cut flowers suitable for summer:
1. Lotus
Characteristics: The lotus is a representative flower of summer. It has large and elegant flowers, with colors like pink or white, and emits a light and pleasant fragrance.
Flowering period: It mainly blooms in July and August and is a seasonal flower of summer.
Recommendation reasons: The lotus not only has high ornamental value but also implies purity and elegance. It is suitable for placement at home or in the office, adding a sense of tranquility and refinement.
2. Water Lily
Characteristics: The flowers of the water lily are small and exquisite, with various colors such as pink, yellow, and purple. They float on the water surface, presenting a unique charm.
Flowering period: Similar to the lotus, it is also a flowering plant in summer.
Recommendation reasons: The water lily can create a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. It is suitable for placement in the pool on the balcony or in the courtyard, adding a touch of nature and harmony.
3. Curcuma alismatifolia
Characteristics: The appearance of Curcuma alismatifolia is similar to that of the lotus, but its flowers are more exquisite. The flower colors include pink, white, etc., and the flowering period is relatively long.
Flowering period: It mainly blooms from July to October and is an excellent fresh cut flower material in summer and early autumn.
Recommendation reasons: The unique flower shape and high ornamental value of Curcuma alismatifolia make it suitable as the focus of home decoration or flower arrangement works.
4. Jasmine
Characteristics: The small white flowers of jasmine emit a charming fragrance and are known as "the best fragrance in the world".
Flowering period: Summer is the peak flowering period of jasmine, with a rich and intoxicating fragrance.
Recommendation reasons: Jasmine can not only purify the air but also refresh the mind. It is an ideal choice for summer home furnishing.
5. Lily
Characteristics: Lily has large flower shapes and rich colors, including pure white, pink, yellow, and other colors, with a faint and pleasant fragrance.
Flowering period: Summer is one of the flowering seasons of lily, and the flowering period is relatively long.
Recommendation reasons: Lily symbolizes purity and nobility and is one of the commonly used flower materials for home decoration and flower arrangement works.
6. Sunflower
Characteristics: Sunflower is famous for its golden-yellow flowers and the characteristic of always facing the sun, symbolizing hope and friendship.
Flowering period: Summer is the peak flowering period of sunflower, especially in July and August.
Recommendation reasons: The bright color and positive implication of sunflower can bring a sense of sunshine and vitality to the home.
7. Daisy
Characteristics: Daisy is one of the fresh cut flower materials with a relatively long flowering period. It has variable colors and rich layers.
Flowering period: Summer is the flowering season of daisy. It has a long flowering period and is easy to maintain.
Recommendation reasons: Daisy is not only affordable but also has a long viewing period, making it a good choice for summer home decoration.
When choosing green plant fresh cut flowers, it is recommended to comprehensively consider based on personal preferences, home style, and maintenance conditions. At the same time, pay attention to maintaining clean water quality, regularly changing the water source, avoiding direct sunlight, and other maintenance points to extend the viewing period of green plant fresh cut flowers.

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