what is Clematis. Queen fujimoto clematis plants and how to pruning it

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Clematis (the queen of vining flowers) is also known as "the three treasures of the garden" together with roses and hydrangeas. It also has the reputation of "the queen of vining flowers". Although it doesn't bloom throughout the year, it is truly beautiful when it does. Different varieties of clematis have different kinds of beauty. The single-petaled ones are fresh and beautiful, while the double-petaled ones are noble and elegant.

Planted in a few trees in the yard or in a pot, it looks very beautiful when entwined on the flower rack or fence. Clematis grows fast, and the flowering period of a single flower is long. A strong and large clematis can produce hundreds of flowers, making people envy when it blooms, and giving the gardener a full sense of achievement. However, there are many varieties of clematis, and the colors are diverse. Novices who want to grow clematis often don't know which variety to start with. How to choose clematis has become a headache for flower friends. Today, we will share several types of clematis, which are recognized as classic varieties, rich in flowers, and frequently in bloom. They have high appearance and fast growth. Choosing them is the right choice.

"Four recognized classic clematis varieties" have high appearance and fast growth. Choosing them is the right choice

Clematis Classic
The Classic clematis grows moderately in height and can reach a height of more than 3 meters, which is just the height of a wall. The branches are soft and flexible, with strong climbing ability. A simple flower rack can be built to climb up. It is suitable for building flower walls, flower fences, garden arches and other large flower beds. The flowers are large and beautiful, easy to grow and love to bloom, and even perform well in potted plants. After blooming, the bright flowers are under the sun, brilliant and beautiful, with particularly high ornamental value.

Clematis Silver Dollar
Silver Dollar is a type of clematis from the UK, originally called "jop". It is a small-sized clematis, which is suitable for both potted and field planting. The plant height is 1.5-2 meters, and the root system is fibrous. The branches are soft and have particularly strong climbing ability. However, it will not grow taller after reaching a certain level, and all nutrients will be concentrated on the differentiation of flower buds, so its blooming ability is extremely strong. It is very suitable for creating flower pillars, covering low walls. It has been cultivated for more than 30 years, with almost no bad reviews. It is a classic variety of clematis and the first choice for beginners.

Silver dollar is a classic early-blooming variety, often the first one to bloom among clematis. Generally, it grows flower buds in early spring in March and can bloom fully at the end of March. While the flowers are in full bloom, new flower buds will continue to grow, so it can bloom continuously until May or June. With proper maintenance, it can also bloom once in the autumn. The flowers are not large, but the flower quantity is large, and the single blooming period is long. It is recognized as a clematis with excellent blooming. When in full bloom, the flowers are bustling, crowded together, with only flowers and no leaves, which is very spectacular.

Clematis Josephine
Clematis is the queen of the vine, and Josephine is the queen of clematis. It belongs to early-flowering large-flowered and double-petaled clematis, and is a queen-level flower in clematis. The plant type is compact, and the flowers are beautiful double-petaled flowers. The middle of the pink petals is a deep pink strip. The whole flower gives people an elegant, atmosphere, noble and gorgeous feeling.

Josephine belongs to the rich-flowered and large-flowered variety in clematis. The diameter of a single flower can reach about 15 centimeters, and the flower quantity is also large. When in full bloom, it is easy to present a state of explosive blooming. The blooming period is from May to September, and both new and old branches can bloom. A single flower can bloom continuously for more than 15 days. It is the number one double-petaled large-flowered variety in clematis. Its heat resistance, cold resistance, and disease resistance are all good. It performs well in both potted and field planting. It is most suitable for beginners to plant. In warm areas, it can grow and bloom rapidly without much care when planted in the ground. In slightly colder areas, it is recommended to maintain potted plants. Use loose, breathable, and fertile soil. Water when the surface of the soil in the pot is dry. When planting, it should be noted that small seedlings should be used for small seedlings and large seedlings for large pots. Step-by-step is more conducive to its growth. In the spring and autumn growth seasons, apply a liquid fertilizer for growth every 10 days to promote the germination of new branches and make the old branches stronger. During the flowering period, some phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can be added to make it bloom better.

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