Which are the recommended varieties of ornamental grass plants?

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Ornamental grass plants, with their unique shapes, colors and textures, add a natural and charming charm to garden landscapes and courtyard designs. Today, I'm going to recommend several stunning ornamental grass plants to everyone.

First of all, the pampas grass has to be mentioned! This guy grows tall and big. It begins to ear from August. Once the ears come out, they seem to have their own glow. These ears are like light feathers, swaying with the wind, giving people a dreamy feeling. Whether it is planted alone in a corner of the courtyard or in large areas on the grassland of the park, pampas grass can become a remarkable focus.

Dwarf pampas grass is also one of the ornamental grasses that cannot be missed. Although it is not as tall as pampas grass, it has its own unique charm. The adult plants can also be 150 - 200 centimeters tall. It also ears from August and looks very neat and beautiful.

When it comes to novelty, the variegated pampas grass can be counted. It has unique patterns and colors on its leaves, as if they were artworks carefully painted by nature. Its unique leaf color and shape make it stand out among many ornamental grasses. Unfortunately, it is often out of stock in the market. If you can come across it, you are really lucky.

Fine-leaved miscanthus is a "star variety" among ornamental grasses. When it ears in August, its slender and soft branches are covered with light ears, like hair gently swinging in the breeze. The plant shape of fine-leaved miscanthus is compact and it has strong adaptability. Its beautiful figure can be seen whether in the green spaces on the streets of the city or in the field paths in the countryside.

Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Strictum' also has its uniqueness. The biggest advantage is that its leaves will turn golden yellow in winter. If it is planted in large areas, the scenery in winter is simply amazing.

Variegated miscanthus has its best viewing period from April to June. At that time, the spots on the leaves are particularly obvious. However, the spots will degenerate a little when the weather gets hot, but its ears are reddish and still have ornamental value.

The morning light miscanthus is interesting. Its growth rate is very slow. It simply doesn't grow more than two and a half inches in three years. However, once it takes shape, its ornamental value is among the best in the miscanthus genus.

There is also Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Little Bunny', just hearing the name makes you feel it's cute, right? Looking at its appearance is even more endearing.

In conclusion, these ornamental grass plants each have their own beauty. If some are planted in the garden or courtyard at home, it will definitely add a lot of charm!

I wonder if there is any of the recommended ones that you like?

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