Which flowers cannot be planted at home?

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Modern people's lives are so hectic that they have to bear the burden of car loans, mortgages, children's education fees, and filial piety fees for their parents during festivals. Therefore, many people keep several pots of green plants at home to relieve this anxiety and add a touch of leisure to their lives. However, not all green plants and flowers in the flower market are suitable for home maintenance. If the wrong varieties are chosen, it may weaken the vital energy. Let's take a look at the following to understand which flowers cannot be kept indoors.

Flowers with fragrance

Generally speaking, it is mostly female consumers who are attracted by the fragrance, because this kind of flower often has a gorgeous appearance, which often makes people neglect that this rich fragrance may induce dizziness in sensitive people and may also cause symptoms such as sneezing due to excessive pollen. The representatives of such flowers with overly rich fragrance include lilies, tulips, evening primrose, and daphne. If you really like them or have already kept them at home, it is recommended to move them to the balcony instead of keeping them indoors.

Don't put too many flowers just because the bedroom is large
The bedroom is a place for everyone to relax and the space where you spend the longest time after work. According to statistics, everyone spends at least 8 hours in the bedroom. Although green plants and flowers can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during photosynthesis during the day, at night, due to the lack of sunlight, they need to carry out respiration and will absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide instead. At this time, if there are too many flowers and plants in the bedroom, they will compete with people for oxygen consumption at night, which is not good for people's breathing and sleep. Therefore, it is recommended not to put relatively large green plants, such as monstera deliciosa or large-leaf green plants. You can keep some flowers, but try not to keep too many.

Poisonous plants

I believe many friends familiar with flower cultivation know that some flowers are poisonous. For example, common ones such as dragon bone, euphorbia milii, euphorbia tirucalli, hyacinth, lily of the valley, poinsettia, mimosa, alocasia macrorrhiza, etc., their sap on the leaves or after flowering are all poisonous. Although growing flowers is just for viewing and not for touching with hands, who knows what might happen that would make you accidentally touch the sap and then cause poisoning. Therefore, it is advised that families with pets or children not to keep them.

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